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“Tater Joe” ain’t even been in the Orifice for a hour and Politico has already done a hit piece on the decline of The Kidsniffer.  Link HERE  The story was published actually BEFORE “Tater Joe” got sworn in.  Boiling down the article for TL;DR, they’re calling out his blatantly obvious mental decline

The article was published at 01/19/2021 09:05 PM EST and updated at 01/20/2021 06:28 AM EST

Didn’t take long to get the stage set for what, despite they call it is going to be another Coup, but by ‘other means’.  The Tech Oligarchs wanted Kameltoe, so they’re gonna get her
I don’t know what the future holds
It’s so obvious what they’re doing, but the why of it all
Maybe it’s because I’ve never ‘thirsted’ for power over others.  I can’t even remotely relate to that sort of shit.  It’s a headcase thing… I mean I’m not wrapped too tight to begin with, so maybe I’m missing something?
So now, the New Roolz
“Resistance” = Bad.  If you resist the current bullshit and the upcoming bullshit, first, they’ll label you a ‘Racist’ when the Ho takes over from Slo.  It that doesn’t work, they’ll up the ante to ‘Insurrectionist’.  And then, ‘Seditionist’ and ‘Terrorist’, along with ALL the unpleasantness, to include droning your house with a Hellfire.
Think it ain’t possible?

Guess again Cupcake

And let me tell ya, got me a hunch they’ll have about as much restraint as Bath-house Barry did when he wasted out-of-hand those American Taliban… no, not the one that he hugged and kissed the ass of, the other ones who apparently called Obamanation nuked from orbit without trial… 
To include the teenage son of one of ’em.
Can’t have due-process when yer fightin terrorism donchaknow?
Now me, I unnastand a lot of the urges to be ‘out-of-hand’ and after all my experiences, there -should be- a trial, by the military, and IF found guilty, then whatever happens, happens.  However secret trials? Star chambers? 

Fuck no
I gar-ron-damned-tee that’s what’s coming next
Because someone, somewhere is going to decide “Enough!” and then when it gets all ‘retributiony’ it’s going to be “for the good of the loyal People serving and furthering the State’s Glorious Way Forward to a New Brighter and Better Tomorrow, we have to keep the trials secret to avoid our Judges and Persecutors from being harmed by the revisionist and bourouis Counter-Revolutionaries.” 
Any bets?
So, Heads Down
Stay Down
Watch Your Six
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. "It's so obvious what they're doing, but the why of it all"

    Because Satan is behind it all, we are watching the last building blocks of the Antichrist's kingdom being built, because he is alive and viable and Satan is getting to know his time is short and he suspects he has lost, and he is set on going out in a blaze of glory, burn it all baby. There, I told you why.

  2. They also picked just about the least flattering picture they could of old senile Joe. He looks 90+ yrs old in that picture. Yep, they're setting up the take down.

  3. With sniffer mandating face diapers it will be easy to arrange for someone to be black bagged, just claim they were covid positive and refused to quarenteen. No one will question that. Or arrange for an accident, or contaminate their medicine or food.

    Lots of wats they could take out wrong thinkers without too much attention.

    Now will they do it? Not sure, a drone strike makes a statement and it could terrorize some people into submission, but its also likely to push others into action.

    I would have thought 0 chance of drone use till they whipped up the NG with shoot to kill orders. Now they may do it just for the kicks.


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