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So, new rifle.  Gotta feed it.  So last night I busted out Ye Olde Reloading gear.  I got quite a few bits o’brass, powder and boolits.  Even have a brick of large rifle primers.  So off tot he races to start getting MOR ammo built.  Things went pretty well.  Got about 50 rounds that I had worked on previously fully cleaned and primed… already decapped, trimmed and resized. Did the cleaning in the shaker thing, and primed them. Once those were done, I busted out 50 more brass and went at it.

Was going OK… got about 8-10 done, and oops.
More like oh shit.

It was not coming out, so I gave it a bit of ass on the handle.Not smart.  The base of the brass tore off, because the fucking brass itself annealed to the interior of the Sizing die.  I tried to unscrew the top, but the pin is the resizing pin, and is buried tight as a tick in there.  And the brass itself ain’t moving.  Tried almost everything to get it out.

You can see where I tried the vice-grips to either budge it, or ‘spin it’ out.
No dice.
So… that’s a Ulysses right there.  As in Ulysses S. Motherfuckin’ Grant, i.e. $50 to replace

Unless y’all have a good idea on getting this out?  The stone bitch is I’m religious in greasing my cases before I size.  I had this happen before with my .223 resizer, and had to re-purchase the whole kit, as at the time, single dies were not available.

Now?  They are available, both in singles and sets, but OMFG.  The cost?  I paid like between $35 (on sale) to $50 per set of dies when I started getting into reloading.  Now?  between the drought and dearth of ANY and ALL reloading supplies, sheeeeeeeeee-it.
Payday is in a week.  It’ll have to wait.  Besides, I still have the 50 primed and ready for powder and boolits.  Not a biggie… just oh, so much of a piss me off.   Meh… it is what it is Aye?

So, on other news.  Took the Springfield and am getting ready to Camo it up.  I know, I know, some folks make a stink over doing stuff like that.  Whatever guys… I took ALL the metal off of the stock, and am hitting it with a coat of OD Green first, and following up with my fern-leaf patterned Khaki.  Some people get all bent over rattlecan paint… my attitude is it’ll all come off, and in my case, I generally never  sell or get rid of my rifles/pistols.

Also, finally in the mail today, I got the suture kit that I ordered off of Ebay for $15.  I ordered this thing like a minute ago… Like months ago.  

To the point I hit them with a “WTF is my stuff?”… it wasn’t them, it was the Post Orifice.  

The same poast orifice that took 2 months to get me my Hexmags.  I didn’t go over that now that I think about it.  I found from MidWest Supply some 20 round black Hexmags for the AR-10 for $14.00 a piece.  Unheard of pricing amiright?  So, ordered 4, as the MagPul AR-10 20 rounders are like $30 a shot, and these?  I’ve got zero complaints about Hexies. 
So, ordered them and then >poof<

Almost 7  weeks to get them here.  The tracking number that the Post Orifice gave me tracked them alright… ALL over the fuckin’ hither-and-yon to the Great Beyond I swear.  Those Hexies have seen more of the country than me.  I mean it was insane… Literally like 9 states, 12 major cities, it was like a Rock Tour going all willy-nilly.  Two complaints later and a bunch of nastygrams, and they finally showed.  The box looked- like it’d been on tour with a Rock Band.  Beat all to hell, but kudos to MidWest Supply… they packed them well enough so’s not to have them damaged.

So, now, I got a buttload of ‘other’ things to get done.  More Shipping and Receiving.  I’m -only- doing the Big Brown these days… my Poastal Experiences have me a bit kerstonkered.  Missing mail, delayed mail, possibly intercepted mail.
Any wonder normies are waking up with this shyttefestivus ongoing?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. If it’s stainless steel, and you’re going to toss it anyway, you could try nitric acid to dissolve the brass. If it’s not stainless, don’t. And do it outdoors. The red fumes are, umm, interesting.

    1. I has this happen a little while back. Put it in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. The metal contracts differently. It should pop right out.

  2. If you can get the right fittings, hook up a grease gun to the other end and blast it out with hydraulic pressure.

  3. Same problem awhile back. Hacksawed the base off just above the flash hole, leaving some brass sticking out. With long nose pliers, twisted an area back and forth, got a small split in the brass, then with visegrips managed to twist the entire case enough to shrink its diameter and pull it out. Still took some wrangling with the neck expander.

  4. Hornady spray case lube on the brass and in the die. Brass will not stick and the resizing is EASY.
    Pour Kano Kroil in the die and let it sit for a day to get the old brass out.

  5. Did the same on a 5.56. Local gun shop had a “stuck brass removing tool” that goes on the reloading press thing (it’s a friends) and we got the brass right out.

      1. Yeah, I don’t have any guns, just helping a buddy do some stuff.
        Guns are bad and evil and kill people and I disavow.

  6. The RSA units under your monitor are verrry interesting… 🙂
    I used to help MDs with those and they thought they had a “magical” connection with the hospital (they are precise “clocks” that synchronously roll over numbers for passwords that the server is waiting for). The hemostats and the RSA units on a desk are a familiar sight…

  7. I’ve had the same problem ordering gun parts and accessories. Seems like they fall into postal never never land and disappear for a couple of weeks.

  8. Clamp the die in a good size vice on the hex part with threads and brass sticking up. Grab big set of vise grips and get it as tight as you can on the brass. It will probably crush it but that’s ok.
    Heat up the die with small torch and hit the underside of vise grips with hammer.
    It might just come out.

  9. Actually, I’d try the etch mix of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide to get the brass out and you may even save the die. See the missus for the peroxide and yer local hardware or pool supply for the HCl – “muriatic acid”. Add acid to the water like you oughter. About a shotglass of HCl to 4-5oz H2O2 (3% is fine, more is gravy). Immerse the die in the mix. You should see the mix turn an emerald green color as the copper goes into solution. Good luck!

  10. At least your Midway order showed up. I ordered a scope, rings & mounts from them in November 2018. Still waiting for ‘em. According to tracking, UPS got ‘em to Seattle & handed them over to the Unbelievably Stoopid Postal Service (USPS) where they went into the Warehouse of Perpetual Ignore. Took a bunch of calls and increasing vitriol to get refunded.

  11. Shipping frustrations…I’ve had several incidents lately where I order small parts. I pay a shipping cost, typically $10 and the supplier sends the package to UPS who then mails it to me via USPS! Six weeks later the package usually arrives in the mail.

  12. Not an expert-Never had this particular problem, but to echo BD and Madmax, heat/cold cycling miiiiight work.
    It’s hard to find reloading stuff right now, so good luck.

    Know what you mean about the post office sucking. I used to do a lot of ebay business, but shipping, even flat rate, has gotten so prohibitively expensive, I’ve all but given up except on small size/higher value items. At least their returns system is better than it was 10 years ago-they damage so much stuff now, they just pay out if you make a claim.

  13. BC…


    I can attest through personal experience that this is the correct tool for the job regardless of caliber.

    If you are pressed for time & have a set of taps handy you can do it yourself without the RCBS kit, just Utoob “stuck case in reloading die” or any other flavor of “seized brass reloading die” and there are a panoply of DIY videos. You need a drill, a 1/4’ tap, a 1/4” bolt, appropriately sized drill bit, & a metal cup that will fit around the die that also has a hole down the middle.
    Thread the die in from the bottom of the press so the case is sticking up, drill it, tap it, place the bolt through the cap, then thread it into the case head. Wrench it slow & the cup will act like a jacking screw & extract your case. Good to go.

    Or if you’ll accept ammo donations in lieu of patreon I can break some M1A appropriate foodstuffs out of the deep sleep & get it headed your direction while you figure out the die situation. Email addy is valid.

  14. Put the assembly into the freezer, or cool one end,
    Brass has a lower heat capacity than steel so maybe put the boolet’s ass in some ice or liquid nitrogen.

  15. This may have happened because the brass was slightly over long. Cases will stretch when fired and if it was max length when loaded it can lengthen just enough to get stuck between the die and expander ball as the die pushes on the case shoulder. Maybe put the die in the press upside down and use a small punch to tap on the decapping pin to loosen it. If you can get someone to turn the top nut at the same time you can work it a little at a time. Perhaps dribbling a little WD-40 in the primer hole will help also.

  16. Did this several times in one session (don’t try to save lube by skimping on it). It’s simple, the expander rod can be used to drive the case out if you don’t have one of the RCBS kits the other guy linked. Remove the collet from the top and the tip of the expander rod should be sticking out. Put a piece of aluminum on top so you don’t mushroom it and give it a couple taps with a 5# hammer. You want a heavy hammer.

    1. W.T.F. knows.
      Lee dies are made that way to use the de-prime/expander as a stuck case punch. 3/16 pin punch IIRC.

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