Well THAT was Exciting!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!

The Flammenwerfer is a success…
Sort of…
Seems that I may have missed a metal shaving when I cleaned out the tank from the initial drill hole.
Cause it got caught in the gun, leaving the mechanism open, fuel coming out and on fire…
Bit exciting as one would say.  Wee bit of scorching, but otherwise no real damage.  In fact when I dropped the rig to Get The Fuck Outta There the nozzle shut off and Sapper, a quick hand with the fire extinguisher, put out the mini-blaze that was my back lawn LOL.
Not the greatest vidya, but the next one will be now that I got the kinks worked out.  Still got my eyebrows and body hair… I just need a LOT of water and gatorade as it was hot as fuckall in that nomex gear.  Yeah… I wasn’t trying to dress the part, it’s the only nomex I got on hand so why not?
So yeah.  More Later.  I’m off tomorrow so’s I’ll catch up with y’all then.
Til then I’m the Roasty-Post-Toasty Intrepid Reporter
BBQ Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. OK dude, that was pretty impressive. Errant metal chips not withstanding.
    I can totally see SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER if you showed up to a gathering of overly excited revolutionaries uninvited.

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