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Late Afternoon Droogs N Droogettes!
Success, or a reasonable facsimile of that thereof.
My last rant about UPS?

Yeeeeeeah… About that…

So I got heated up after my rant… I mean after all, 1000 Remington No. 7 1/2 Primers are getting nigh on –impossible-  to come by… I sent an email to the seller… asking if he had any more to purchase, esp. since I’d end up getting reimbursed from Big Brown… he emailed me apologizing but telling me A) Ain’t his fault, and B) Nope, he ain’t got no more to sell, and won’t for the foreseeable future.  So well… shit.

So I filed the claim.  On the 6th.
Lo and Behold:

Lookie Lookie what showed up on my doorstep today?

After my vent/rant to y’all on the 6th, the morning of the 7th I called the local UPS area warehouse… after a bit of fucking around, I got ahold of a live actually human… who BTW was cool.  Especially when he found out the package in question had ‘grown legs’ in Jacksonville.  Told me “Ain’t got no dawg in this hunt man!” to whit I said “Cool… dig it… do me a favor and make a note tho… add it to the file will ya?”

He agreed and then I told him “Yeah… listen make sure you put a note in saying ‘Customer is calling the BATF as it was rifle primers that vanished, and that’s an explosive of a kind, and that’s a federal rap if they don’t turn up.”  Dude was cool and laughed his ass off… told me “No prob!” and wished me luck.

Sure as shit come today and VoilĂ !!!  Said missing-never-going-to-be-found-box shows up at the house. 

The ATF ploy came from Miguel at Gun Free Zone… apparently he had a recall on his pistola some time back and hadda send it in.  If I recall, it disappeared on the way back to him, so he called UPS and did the same thing, threatening the feds, and BAM!  Shit got found miraculously and sent to him no mess-no fuss.  I figgered on seeing if’d do the same same.

I DO Find in FASCINATING that he AND I both live in Florida.  I’d be curious to see the number of ‘lost packages’ that had firearms, ammo and other such ephemera disappear whilst enroute to locales here in the Gunshine state?  Does UPS even have to report missing shit like that to the Feds?  Inquiring minds and all that.  Methinks some scumbag saw the label, and chanced on snatching it.  Didn’t open it… probably was hoping the heat’d die down, then he’d/(or she’d… lets be EO on this) would snatch the boodle and get away clean.  Instead, the receiver (moi) called, raised a stench and threatened to call the federales.   OOPS!!!

Quickly, quietly, throw the box back on the conveyor and call it a day.  Live to graft and steal another day…

Ahhh… whelp now I got me some work to do.  Gonna be a long hard day of brass prep for the next few.

More Later, I remain the Intrepid Victorious Reporter
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  1. So I see there is a warning to sign into your blog now……….have you been bad?
    Johnny Gee

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