Well THAT was interesting…

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Minimal Drama, but Junkie is out.

Not coming back either.
Especially since Wifey’s gone and put her foot down.
Went in after my rant on here, and gave Wifey both barrels so to speak.  No mad at her, but she laid ye olde nugget down between them tig ole bitties and stroked my hair and mellowed me out.  She then said “I’ll handle it.  You’ve done enough.”  
So at 10am this morning, Wifey calmly and coolly explained what a shit Junkie was using my sense of honor and compassion against me, and that she wasn’t having it.  The funniest thing was the straw that broke Wifey’s back was her Nutty Buddys.  

Right after telling Junkie where to head in, she went to get herself a snack.  She’s been really good during the lockdown, hasn’t put on much weight at all.  So she was up for and got herself a treat.

Asks me: “Babe, you seen my Nutty Buddys?”
Me: “Yeah, lowest shelf, on the right.”

Her: “Nope.”
Me: (grumbling quietly…”chick can’t find her ass w/both hands) >starts looking< “Well, I’ll be damned… they were there last night.”
Her: >stares and me like the Pit of Hell has opened, and Satan is coming to breakfast<
Me: “I’ll buy you a whole new box baby…”
Junkie apparently heard Wifey getting ‘riled’ and headed to the door in a what could be called a “Roadrunner Moment”… literally left a silhouette of smoke as she fled.  After her and her spawn and half breed left, I did general accounting of all my shit.  Everything is there.  Weapons and everything in place.  I -did- find the Nutty Buddys in the bedroom, with only one left… out of the whole box.  Who fucking does that?  It’d be one thing to ask and we would have been like “Sure!”  It’s another to have the audacity to go into my fuckin pantry, snatch up my motherfuckin Wifey’s snack cakes, and then take the whole box into the bedroom that I so graciously were letting you crash in.
I know,  I know, a junkie is as a junkie does.  I apparently was still seeing her thru those eyes that I had of her from back in the day… now that veil has lifted.

So much for that.

And I’m -not- worried about any of her ‘friends’ showing up here at all.   The –few- she knew know of me, my reputation and my cold blooded nature.  My rep in town is of a take no shit Bro… I’ve laid the beatdown a couple of times to motherfuckers for the local scum and villainy to know that I ain’t worth the pain and suffering that I bring.  Kind of a good rep to have so to speak.  DeadDad had the same ‘asskicker’ appellation back in Ye Olde Hometown, and nary a motherfucker would risk life and limb to fuck with him or his.  So at least I got -that- going for me.  
I also have to give you guys mad thanks for the comments and support.  It’s been a fucking bitch lately around the Casa.  Too much drama, both self-inflicted, and inflicted on me.  Doesn’t help being unemployed still, but what with the Kung Flu still ‘supposedly’ running about, I’m holding my own.  That and the gratefully donated cash and stuff from y’all.

Also:  We got Charlie Mike Comix #5 out.  Buy it here.

Hopefully, the next issue will be out sooner and have another Big Country Adventure.

So, again my grateful thanks for the support, offers, advice and prayers.
Add on we got word that Wifey’s Spawn, (Dumb Bunny) got in a car wreck.  A SERIOUS car wreck.  Waiting on word about the GranBebe #2 now.  Everything -appears- to be fine, but they’re on the way by ambulance to get checked.  Seems the road was wet… juuuust enough to have the car slide in the oil that gets lifted up, and she went full on into a telephone pole.  Car’s totaled.  No obvious injuries, but 8 months preggers?  Better safe than sorry.
FML.  It never stops eh?
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Don't touch my fucking nutty buddies. That's a fucking killing offense right there. I only get them once in a while because wife is deathly allergic to peanuts (like the oil left on top of the table at Texas Roadkill is enough to send her to the hospital) so if I have a box, they are SPECIAL!!!

    And stay away from my semi-sweet dark chocolates, too. That's another killing offense.

    And I don't touch my wife's chocolate covered cherries, as I value having two arms and not being beat to death by one. (Wife is built much like yours, all squishy and booby and stronger than shit and will kill me if I fuck up.)

  2. ah fuck bro, that sux. sounds like my life for a while there. finally got rid of the drama, but threatens to return any moment with the step idiot. forty going 5 years old. still doing stupid shit, but so far he's handling it.

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