Well THAT was a Shitshow

Evening/Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!

No, not the debate.  Didn’t watch it…too mucho going on-o here at El Casa Del Grande Campesino…

OK… first off… Wifey is still in the Hospital, now in the ICU.
Can’t do shit, can’t visit worth a shit as the CoronaChan Horseshit is strong in the medical field.  Fucking Morons…  It’s now blatantly obvious this’s a bullshit bug of the ‘normal’ fly flavor, that’s being used as a controller’s bludgeon against all normies…
Told the Nurse that if’n they tried to get stupid about me not  wearing a facial diaper, when I collapse from O2 starvation (it could happen) since I’m missing a lung from Cancer, and that I have a legit reason for -not- being diapered, that I’d sue his ass, the hospital’s ass, and when they brought over Deputy Dawg the Sheriff to discuss it with me, the deputy looked at my new T-Shirt I recently got… 

one look at the chest and he was all much more willing to see things my way…
The “Tower of Power”ll do that…
Jes’ sayin’.
Lotsa “Sirs” and “You’re welcome for my service” and shit like that… I didn’t even say anything ‘cept for pasting a really pissed off look on me grill.  Been told I could melt steel with the glare I use… fuckit… got what I needed, which was to be with Wifey til they threw my ass out… wasn’t gonna fight either… fuckers threatened to ban my ass…
BUT… that being said she’s stable, medicated and high as fuck last time I talked to her.  Dunno what triggered it.  Of all things, she ate the nut packages out of, all things, a pair of Lithuanian MREs I had.  Yeah.  Hazelnuts and Almonds.
From Lithuania.
Go fuckin figger.
Told the Doc about it, and he looked at me like I had a dick growing outta me forehead.  Told him/explained that I have MREs from alllll over the world… my thoughts?  Told him to get another sample of blood and run it thru the spectrometer.  Not sure but possibly pesticide on the nuts?  Not sure.. pure guess work here, but after all the weird assed exposure I had in Iraq, mercury, pesticides, depleted uranium, I’m a fair medic meselves… but yeah, told ’em that might be the culprit… they -said- they’d check…I have my doubts… Maybe –different– genus or type of nut?  Totally different part of the world?  WTF knows?  So anyways…
Sleeping tonight’s gonna suck.
No word on MIL.  Last I got was they were waiting on test results and a room… Busted up her face at zero dark tis past A.M.  Broken occipital bone and some other head trauma.  Part of the reason Wifey’s fucked up is she’s been in full-on anxiety mode all day, which ain’t helping as she’s been out of her xanax.  Better living thru chemistry is my motto, unless you burn out yer meds early… 
But now THEY hooked her up, so’s she’s more mellow… doesn’t detract from the fact that her mom’s all fucked up, she’s all fucked up, so… fuck.
When in doubt, get fucked up.

I figured I owed Sapper after his absolutely tight game taking care of my bitch…
They get along like a brother and sister… when they’re 13 years old…

As in not very fucking well usually.
She, in his eyes, is a “Prototypical fuckin’ woman with delusions”
He, in her eyes, is a “Misogynistic woman hater!”
But… in the crunch, they’re both, outside of Spawn, my only real family… so we get along.
Or Else. 
But seriously, –I– if anything needed decompression, and I knew I could bribe Sapper with Beer and Seafood, so we tried out a brand new joint up the street.  Fuckin’ great food so yeah, we’ll be returning… although it’ll have to be on a Tuesday or such… the place is so new and so popular, the lines on the weekend stretch for a 1/4 mile just to get in the parking lot.
So, that’s tonights last minute update.  I gots work in the A.M. and still have a few beers left to kill that I bought on the way home… “You can’t fly on one wing!!!” as my old Platoon daddy used to say… God I miss those guys..
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Hi B.C.,
    Just a follow up on my last reply…
    Like I said.. 'Bein' a "Hanger Tramp" since back when, That Smell, that Gasoline smell of 80 octane (RED) AVGAS, Clear Dope and Fresh Blue Sky stay with ya'!! Like I said, back at "Raeford!!" about this time of year in 1996 after "Knock off" about 15:30 an it's a nice day, all the troops would show up at "Raeford" and toss up a few skydives till the Sun takes a dive and it's Beer Call at the Bar!!
    So, Bob Burmaster (1st Lt. USA) says,"I Just made 'Captain!!!!'" Tony Thacker, "Gene Paul's son and owner of the "SKYKAT" Pro shop on the DZ says,"Let's make a 'Flyin' Captain Bars Dive for Bob!!!!" 20 troops =Camera and we are off!! Scary Larry at the camera… this is his Vid!!! youtube.com/watch?v=XQ-eevJHMV0&feature=em-share_video_user
    let me know what ya' think!!!!!!!…..
    Raeford is just down the street from Fayetteville, NC Home of the 82nd Airborne!!! and other alphabet agencies … at the time I was working for Scurvy Irvin Aero Space (as a "Parachute Rigger.. we made all kinds of Parachutes!!!) In the vid… at the 1:50 mark, that's BOB in the white.. a second later in th e Blue suit.. Yours Truly…. at the 4:24 mark when Tony and I released grips the flyin' Captain's Bar Dive was "Complete!!! at the 4:43 mark…yours truly!!
    USPA D-6009, SCR-2034, SCS-680….

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