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Afternoon to Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Got up this morning to go to the matinee due to the Sapper wanting to see the new flic “1917”

Much to me surprise, it musty be mad horrorshow to be as packed as it is… we went for the early screening, and it was sold the fuck out!  As was the -next- show!!!  Our tix are now for the 15:30 show, and thats plain shocking to me.  The flic’s been out for 2-3 weeks now, and you’d figger that anyone who wanted to see it already -has-.  Hence the reasoning we waited.  Even then, the 15:30 show was already 1/2 sold out, so we’ll see.  I’ll let ya know what the sit-rep is on it when I return on the nonce.

Now, Back to our updates regarding Corona-Chan.

So, per the epidemiologists here in the states, the growth curve for the ‘fake numbers’ that Joe Chink are putting out are on track.  Of course they are!!!  Zero plus Double Zero Equals Bullshit.  Doubleplusungood Badthink doncha know?  Me?  I’ma going with t he snips and snaps of vids that are making it out of country taken by nurses and healthcare workers in Wuhan begging for help, equipment and assistance.  THAT right there to me is more realistic than Joe Chick doing “The Drebbin.”
Seems that it’s going to be a ‘slow burn’ or as I’ll call it “Doing a Ringo” as his ‘Last Centurion’ seems to be the go-to manual of whats going to happen.  Hell even the politics in it, as it is in real life are fucked.  Except in his world that he writes about, it’s as if Hillary got elected and the virus strikes during the 3rd year of her term… Hmmn… Chaos ensues b/c essentially the government is tied up with all sorts of insanity… much like our current Dot Gov is, except on the opposite end of the spectrum.  How in the FUCK if this DOES go full contact fucking infectious are we supposed to operate when everyone and their brother/sister/motherfucker is trying to actively undermine the Commander in Chief?  
Personally, if this does go full force, The Donald is just going to have to round up the retards and sink ’em in a connex at sea if he plans on saving the Country.  We’d be better off with the whole fucking lot of them being utilized as fertilizer anyways, seeing that they all fucking suck at their jobs.  If -I- sucked at doing MY job as bad as ALL those pestilent fucking remoras are, I’d be fired and cast out.
Them?  Fuck them.  Bring on the guillotine.  
Which is apparently what they did down in Puerto Rico a coupla day o’go.  Seems them finding the stash of food and emergency relief hidden for political hit points against “Orange Man Bad” has the locals –really pissed off-.  Good for them.  They should have stormed the place and started using it if it was functional.  When your political class finds it opportune to allow your people to starve to death in order to make ‘political hit points’ against the Opposition, then they deserve NOTHING LESS THAN A PAINFUL DEATH.  Next time, go for it I say… there’s what? 5-10 cops there?  Snatch them, grab the people responsible and kill them.  Make the streets run red with their blood.
More -disturbing- notes?  Seems a “Top Man” in Australia… an Epidemiologist “of Some Repute” died…Story HERE.  Seems no cause of death either, and he was 51?  I find it bothersome when a dude who’s a top man in a field that is currently needing top men suddenly, and unexpectedly dies.
Lot more question marks than answers there… Co-incidence?  Maybe but it’s a data point in my book.
Add on that apparently this particular flavor of Corona-Chan was stolen from the Canoeheads at Vancouver Uni.  Story HERE.  Seems that “last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada. It was traced to Chinese agents working at a Canadian lab. Subsequent investigation by GreatGameIndia linked the agents to Chinese Biological Warfare Program from where the virus is suspected to have leaked causing the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.” 
Also, this:
Needed a laugh…
Anyways… so Joe Chink around mid year last year gets caught stealing/smuggling Corona-Chan out of Canada.  And the Doc in question is from Wuhan?  and Works now in the questionable aforementioned BSL-4 lab?  Man… thats too much co-inky-dink for the Ole Intrepid Reporter.
Add on I’ma beginning to suspect this may NOT have been an accidental release IF in fact it did come from that Bio-Lab.  Not that we’ll ever know but go with me on this.
Facts we know:
1) Joe Chink has MAJOR issues with Hong Kong.  LOTSA issues.  All sorts of ‘Rage Against The Machine’.  And it’s been successful enough Joe can’t use the Tanks like he did before ’cause it’ll fuck up his ALREADY fucked up economy even worse if the rest of the World spanks his pee-pee for being a big authoritative meany.
2) Leadership Joe Chink is TERRIFIED of a united uprising.  ESPECIALLY nationally speaking.  Small rumbles from Hong Kong -have- spread and that worries/scares the ever living shit out of them.
3) Leadership Joe Chink is MORE than capable of unleashing a Flu IF it breaks the spine of any potential uprising.  These are the same people who unleashed the Tanks and military on Tienanmen Square back in the day and said ‘only’ two hunnerd peep-pull died, when in reality, we know it was in the 3 to 4 THOUSAND range.
4) Leadership Joe Chink don’t give two shits about us Gwai-Lo (White Ghosts).  We’re here to be fucked over and sold shoddy goods to make money for the New Kingdom.  Any ‘collateral damage’ to us is just a bonus.
So, MY CALL:  Leadership Joe Chink (although it’ll never be accounted for) unleashed a Killer Mutating Flu virus KNOWING full well that it’s gonna fuck up people to keep power.  Whether or not it spreads, he was successful in the interim, as the Hong Kong Cavaliers have shut down the protests for fear of the Kung Flu/Corona-Chan.  He also knows us dumbass Gwai-Los will buy whatever story they sell us ‘cos we want to keep buying cheap goods from them at rock bottom prices.
Well Played, Joe Chink, Well Played.
So, more later.  Until then I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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