Well THAT was Unexpected

Good Afternoon Me Droog n Droogettes
Man, another day of bullshit.  I’m wasted.  Tired and sick.  Or is it Sick n Tired?  The allergies have been kicking me ass… like curbstomping me.  That and I’m feeling crappy in general.
SO… off to the races:

As of 30 January 21:30hrs
Infected 9776
Dead 213

29 January 21:00
7783 Infected
170 Dead

And according to the source(s) out there, it’s actually busted the ten thousand marker.
Annnnnd Leadership Joe Chink has been ‘cookin the books’ on the KIAs.  NOW they’re saying that the dead are being hustled out the back door of the hospitals and being cremated ASAFP.  I’m inclined to believe it.
So… The Air Traffic over China is still retardedly crowded.
Now, granted a LOT of planes fly over China, OK, but there’s still far too many aircraft for a Formally Declared Global Pandemic  How silly of me to say they shouldn’t be allowing this to happen.  The notable tho is the transponders for Wuhan and other major hubs are missing/shut off.  Guess ain’t no one getting out of there alive…
So, what the Hell, watched and finished up “Contagion” with Matt Damon last night.  Dude is such a shmeal/shmuck in that flick…his fucking wife cucking him, his balless response to everything… I personally would have to eat my gun if I turned into such a fucking pussy.  Only guy he can push around and be a hardass on is his teen daughters 15 year old boyfriend…  Loser.
But, not a bad movie vis-a-vis a slow burn pandemic.
Right on the money.
Other good news, the VA finally gave me an increase to 50% for Injuries in Line of Duty.  Not a uuuuge increase but, I’ll take the extra 300 a month.  Thats a motorcycle payment if’n I can swing it when and if I get a new gig.

Prolly gonna have a bigger markdown in the near future methinks?
Actually, ifn the Virus does go full retard, Chinese Mail order Brides are going to be scarce, thereby driving up demand, and therefor cost.  Gonna suck for all those thirsty motherfuckers out there.
But as of now, apparently its just doubling every couple of days, but the death count is still  low… provided that that intel is good.
Therein lies the problem.  In this day and age, I got ZERO trust in the Dot-Gov.  I -might- trust the Dot-Mil, but only down to lower end players, namely the Squad that gets assigned to this neighborhood if and when they decide to start locking down the A.O. (prolly never happen but I can hope)  But anything from in a position of Authority?
Fuck No.  Fuck Them.  Fuck Off.
Gotta go pick up the grandbaby for the weekend… see if she brings the Plague here from daycare (her usual modus operandi) so hopefully not, but we shall see.  More Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. China Mail-Order Brides have been in short supply for a while. Considering the number of #1 sons born vs daughters over the last 20 years. Wimmins are kinda scarce in good old Commie China.

    To the point that lower class rich people are literally raiding surrounding countries for marriage-age babes.

    Though the only way to stay in highest-level Communist Party China is to only breed with 'real' central/eastern China Girl (of the right blood.) Marrying some semi-chinese mutt or non-chinese slant-eye will limit even the best party apparatchik's rise in ye olde Communist Party.

    It's almost like, even after ditching the evil old regimes, the Communist Party of China is still very… snobbish and elitist concerning one's birth and ancestors. Almost like The Middle Kingdom just changed who was running it, not anything else.

    And, yes, Mao China-man has been not forward with the truth at all about when this viral outbreak really started, where it really started, what really caused it, and how really bad it is now, in Red China. Though snuck videos of empty streets, families sending their hot-zone destined kids away acting like they'll never see them, and the sudden exodus of so many well-off Red Chinese…

    Interesting. Very interesting.

    Glad you got a bump-up in your payment. Every little bit helps, doesn't it?

  2. Children and especially small children when they congregate are little germ factories.

    I never was as sick and as often as I was once my kids started school…nursery at first and then the rest of the way…..

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