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Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Looks like Richmond was a great success in my book.

Judging from the coverage by the British Daily Fail and some of the other insanely-hard-left wing Damned near Communist rags, it was a screaming win for the forces of good.

The Daily Fail coverage HERE:

The thing(s) that jumped out at me was NO fucking Nazis or Klansmen in sight.  Lord knows the Daily Fail and CNN had about 30-40 pics up on the web, but the majority of them show a bunch of, well… fucking ‘contractor-looking-motherfuckers in full 5.11 battle rattle.’  I mean place these guys in Balad or Baghdad circa 2005 and NO ONE would have batted an eye.  I know that IF there were Skinheads/Klansman/Nazis and or ANYONE who could make the pro-gun folks look bad at all they would have been at the forefront of coverage.  Seeings they ain’t in ANY pictures, the Daily Fail hadda load a couple of shots from fucking Charlottesville to remind the normies that Pro-Gun = Nazis or White Supremacy or some such bullshit.

Now no idea who kept the retards out of the street… maybe the Virginia Citizens Defense League did the right thing and stopped the busloads of buttheads out of range of the cameras, and told ’em to cease and desist?  Tough call.  Usually groups like that are hard if not impossible to dissuade.  I suppose if we start hearing a load of ‘missing persons’ reports from family members of the Skinheads and/or Klan, then we –might- know why they didn’t show, and that being that the VCDL stopped ’em outside of the range of cameras, told ’em to cease and desist, and when they got uppity, they shot ’em out of hand and buried them outside of town in a mass grave.

Win-Win in my book.  Clean up the gene pool a bit.

The OTHER two pics I saw that were cool:

Dude is a fellow member of my old unit, The Rakkasans.  3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division.  THE most asskicking motherfuckin infantry unit to have ever worn Crossed Rifles.
and then

Specifically This:

I need this patch.  Thats fucking awesome.
The Killdozer.  Great story of a Man pushed too far who said “Game On Bitches!!!”

Found it online, but sold out right now apparently…

Dammit.  Oh well… I’ll wait til the furor dies down and get one.

Yeah, I’d call this a ‘loss’ for Northam and the controllers… low end, 25,000 people armed to the teeth showed up and not one fucking person got arrestedTHAT has to be some sort of record.  Add on no false flags happened either.  No Klankids or Illinois Nazis showed.  Makes me really wonder as to actually controls  the opposition.  In this case, I can realistically see them planning on doing a “Black Swan/False Flag” event, and trying to blame the militia/white-supremacists or what-have-you.  And then, instead of doing it, the guys who were supposed to initiate, took one long hard look at the opposition, and realized “We’re outnumbered, outgunned, and fucked if we do anything remotely retarded.”

The call to the “Higher Higher” probably went along the lines of “We ain’t paid enough to do this particular dirty deed!” and then telling Higher that “You do realize that once we initiate, they’ll probably after the fact, for good measure, storm the Statehouse and kill you all as well, because at that point, in for a penny, in for a pound and all that.  NO ONE, not you or that fucktard Goobernator  will get out alive, and Trump’ll probably pardon them ALL just to piss off Bloomberg and Soros, so uh, yeah, we’re out.  Go find another fucking retard to do yer dirty work.  Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

So anyways, time to walk the dog one last time.  Foot is still fucked, but at least I made $100 today doing the Uber.  More tomorrow.  Until then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Just an Update:  THIS OLd Man just won the Internet AND all the Kudos to him…  I laughed my balls off!
Old Man Calls MSNBC a “Bunch of Lying Pieces of Shit” on LIVE TV

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  1. Brotherman, tell your droogs when that patch is back in stock. My ALR vest NEEDS one of those…..

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