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Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Full day AGAIN!  And man, went out to visit a buddy of mine who has a Horse Ranch.  Forgot just how damn big them suckers are.  Gentlest beasties I’ve been around.  Horses tend to be wary of a dude as big as me so, at least these buggers were cool.
Lotsa fun… guy is a righteous dude and his ole Lady and Wifey got along jes great which’s really nice.  I’m not used to having a female who ‘plays well with others’ as my ex-Bitcho was just that: a flat-the-fuck-out bitch who couldn’t or wouldn’t go out and socialize with any of the people liked or socialized with.  Asocial Bitch only really liked being around her family, the Demon-In-Laws.
Piss on ’em.
So, word is out today at 10:30am;


THIS is, to me, the big news.  My reasoning?  
This nuked the whole “Q” larp to dogshit.
“Trust in the Plan”
“Wait for the plan”
“When One Goes We All Go”
For almost 3 years motherfuckers been selling the LARP to a LOT of people that there’s some “White Hat/Black Hat” war going on behind the scenes.  Tellin’ ya, too many people bought in.  
This pretty much put “Q” to bed IRL IMO YMMV.
I dropped and stopped following it when it became a little too much talk, not enough action.
I, personally know and dig how hard it is to build a case on the federal level.
Trust me on this one.  Those Gitmo Motherfucker Prosecutors have been working for EONS at this point and ain’t really got shit to show for it.
We couldn’t even get Johnny Taliban to the firing squad and that dirty little fucker has a photo of him in the prison –right- before Johnny Spann was killed.  In fact, while looking for the photo in question, I found out the Weasley Little Fuck is free as of May of Last Year.  He’s apparently got 3 years probation right now, and is running with the handle “Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi”
I got $50 and a good bottle of bourbon if’n one of y’all waste him or can direct me to where he is.
And damned right I’m calling for his head.  
Fuck you Feds… you shoulda capped that fuck when y’all had the chance.
This country is most definitely fuckee-fuckee.  The fact that this lil bomb hasn’t gone off in the “Q” community, whelp, it either shows the level of willing suspension of disbelief (I think thats the term) and/or the reverse psychosis that manifests that “Trump is fighting a battle between Good and Evil, don’t joggle his elbow and trust in the plan!!!”
The Libtards have TDS, the Qtards have QBS (Q Belief Syndrome)
 Neither will end up in good shape.
And the constant harangue that we’re putting up with?  When the fuck will these people just. shut. the. fuck. up?
I’m actually bummed…Dwayne The Rock Johnson just announced for Biden for fuck’s sake.
Rocky, dude.. bubbahlah… stick to flexing and acting… “Dance Monkey Dance” and STFD-SFTU.
I used to think he had half a brain… guess the roids finally flamed what was left.
Anyways, the collapse of the “Q” narrative is going to cost Trump…
My question is:
Who and or What was behind it?
Inquiring Minds…
More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter 
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  1. Johnny punk jihadi was granted citizenenship with Ireland, in 2013, so he could be anywhere. I'll contribute a bottle to the cause.

    1. I dunno… he got it like ya said, hence the "al-Irlandi" in his new moniker, but if he's got probation, he has to stay local… my guess in Marin County Cali where his fruit loop family is from… bears investigating further… Now THATS a doxx I could get behind, as well as some Marine Bros who'd gleefully drink the punk's blood.

    2. I have to agree with that, thinking about it, he is most likely still local, and yep, more investigating is needed.

  2. As to Barr Durham, they ran out the clock hoping for a change of party in the election. I suspect this is due to the fact that there are a lot of people who will get charged and justly convicted if they actually go to trial. With a change of party, the justice department would do a 'reset' and bury the investigation under a mountain of new administration review of 'evidence'.

    If Trump sees a second term, I suspect he will shift things into a higher gear as he does not a future election to concern himself with. Add a republican house to the senate and it may get interesting.

    Then again, it is DC we are talking about and what happens in DC is well known but never goes to court.

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