What CatLadies Have to Look Forward to….

Greetings to all who are re-tuning in.
Forgive the spelling errors if there are any.  Blogger doesn’t always catch them, and my fine motor skills are shot to shit.  A good workout was had… only an hour but a punishing strictly upper body workout, so I’m shaking worse than Michael J Fox on a 3 Day Cocaine binge.

Haven’t done that in quite a while.  Actually enjoyed in.  No bitching from NGFF as I’m going to be back in shape quickly.  My carcass has a really decent rebuild-build cycle that goes pretty quickly, provided I use the correct supplements and dodge soda and fast food.  My only real complaint was I used the last scoop that I’ve been hording of my MRI Black Powder pre-workout.  Any of you guys who were in Iraq know the silver and black tub that was allll over the X back in the day… tasted pretty good for a pre-workout and for me?  Worked like a motherfucker.  I’ve tried other shit similar to it, but they just don’t have the ‘it’ factor that the Black Powder had… and offffff course its out of production.

Any of you other muscleheads out there know a comparable product, let me know will ya in the comments?

So… wherez I at?  Oh yeah.  The Slore.  The Cunt.  The bitch who left me without a heart.  Well lets see… I won’t totally bash on her anymore, ‘cept to say this’s her Future and what CatLadies have to look forward to.

Yep.  Gotta love ‘muh diversity’ in the Home.  Yes ladies… look forward to being put in a Dementia Deathmatch with other Old Ladies who don’t have a family but had a great career.  Or against the Lady who got divorced after twenty years b/c she wanted to “Eat Pray Love!”  That and jump on that post-Wall Cock Carousel.  (usually overseas from what I can tell… check out 90 Day Fiancee… the NGFF loves that show and maaan… it’ll set you straight up Black Pill when you watch it… in fact I highly recommend it. )

“Innnnn thiiiis Corner, we have Connie the former CEO!  She was a Wall  Street Maven until she ran into the Wall itself at Full Force!!!… Childless and Blameless, Zinfandel is her friend, her cats know who she is… Heeeres CONNIE!!!”

“Annnnnnd in this Corner, we have Holly the Homewrecker!!!  Happily married for twenty years and a Ball Breaker at every minute, she showed her Ex the door to “Eat Pray and Love!”  Her Ex is now married to his 30 year younger secretary after being thrown out of the marital house, she’s got a Chip on her shoulder and an Ax to grind, no wonder her kids never visit, Heeeres HOLLY!!!”

Yep… Dementia Deathmatch… and this’s only –JUST NOW STARTING–  Imagine what it’s going to be like in another 20 years.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck…

These are Baby Boomers (couldn’t’ve happened to a nicer pile of assholes)… and its getting worse.  My Mother is pushing late 70s… her sister juuust turned 80…  and neither of them are showing signs of slowing down.  Good for them I say… but by the same account, Mom got widdered when DocDad cashed in his chips, and Ma ain’t under any delusions.

The group I’m talking about are those feminazi crazy assed bitches who blame men for everything, total out a relationshit  (84% of divorces are initiated by women just saying), expect to be paid, and then when they’re alone, and left with the cats… Hooo-boy… its not looking good.

And the ballcrusher is that they’re going to be screaming for Big Daddy Government to step in and “Hep’em!!!”  They’re already doing it in England… the late middle age/pseudo spinsters are already trying mass amounts of bullshit to get Big Daddy Gov to make men pay for their support b/c they ain’ts gots no fambly.  “Its not fair!”  “No one told us this would happen!”  “The government needs to DO something!”

Yeah.  They can clean up your remains after you’ve died a lonely death in solitude, and the cats have eaten whats left of your flesh in a frenzy to stave off starvation.

That and sell off whatever bullshit clothing you “just had to have” and your Prada bag and Leboutins and whatever…

Remember Ladies:  You can’t take it with you and no-one will remember you.  Especially if you don’t have kids.

So far, I’ve found at least 3 stories in the past two months of  ‘Muh Diversity’ abusing what appears to be mostly Caucasians.  It’s hard to get the links and find them, as the EneMedia can’t be trusted to call a spade a spade.  For the most part, a goodly number of Elder Care people are hardworking, etcetcetc…  but as they say, so goes one Apple, so goes the Barrel.  I mean they sure as fuck are quick to jump on the “One Cop is Bad = All Cops are Bad”.

I tend to agree, depending on the TYPE of Cop and where and what they do.  Some of my best Friends are and have been Fuzz… hell FedBro was THE MAN in Federal Circles…  But that being said, 3 stories that I can remember in only two months is like “Where there’s smoke…”

I mean lets face it.  “The jobs we don’t want to do” is the very definition of Eldercare.  I know of what I speak.  I did a looong hard summer one year when I was 15 as a Certified Nurses Assistant in a fucking home… and b/c I was one of the only males in the fucking place, I got all the ‘fun’ details like taking Mr. Frim down to the cooler after he got a bad case of the deads.  Yeah. Corpse Carrier at 15.  No wonder I’m fucked in the head amiright?  Add on wiping asses, cleaning up blood, puke you name it I’ve either cleaned it, carried it or walked through it, and this’s all  before I could drive.

These are the jobs that no-one wants to do.  So they hire >anyone< WILLING< to.  Annnd out of that group ‘muh diversity’ seems to be the largest body of potential labor.  This means we’re going to be entrusting (those of us who DO have living parents) to a potential abuser.  I mean Jesus…and considering just how racist (real time mind you… NOT that strawman libtards like to use to shut down an argument) most of ‘muh diversity’ REALLY is, here’s a bit of Reality Sunshine.  Things are WAAAY the fuck out of proportion DESPITE what the media say.
Reality is:

1) Blacks hate Whitey.  Blame us for -everything- bad in their lives.  Blame us for slavery, despite it being the United States was THE FIRST country to officially outlaw it.
2) Spanish (mostly Mexicans) hate Whitey.  Blame us for taking their lands.  Blame us for not giving them all sorts of free shit and expecting them to act like useful humans.
3) Blacks hate Mexicans almost, if not MORE than Whitey.  Blacks had a pretty good race hustle going on until the damned beaners showed up and flipped the race table so to speak.
4) Whitey, outside of some hardcore cranks, is mostly Ambivalent.  That is until he gets mugged by the aforementioned, his daughter gets raped and/or murdered, or as its currently going, gets blamed for fucking every thing under the sun thats wrong with the other races.

He’s getting tired.  Worn out.

It’s worse than an ungrateful relative who showed up uninvited, drank all your beer, smokes a cigar INSIDE the house, puts his dirty unwashed bare feet up on your kitchen table, yells at your dog b/c he hates dogs, and then gets pissed when you call him out on any of the aforementioned things.

Dunno ’bout y’all but I’d shoot a motherfucker n be done with it.

Thats what shovels are for.

Whitey tends to take a lot of shit, but whether right or wrong, when Whitey gets pissed on and/or pissed off enough, remember, The word “Genocide” was invented by a Polish Jew who saw firsthand what Whitey was capable of.

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. "when Whitey gets pissed on and/or pissed off enough, remember," THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON.


  2. Got rid of the bitch last month. She thought she was going to reap plenty,Ha!. I walked away with $30K more than here and she couldn't touch my retirement. She is living in a shack with some old geezer who gets SSI and will put up with her shit. Meanwhile I just bought my fishing boat I could never "have" and a new pickup. Hope she enjoys them stinky fucking cats.

  3. I am 61, I don't date wimmins no more. There is a reason they are single and I don't want the drama. I ain't queer, worked around them when I was a nurse way back when and they are more fucking drama queens then wimmins. I don't need that shit in my life now, The old saying goes, the more I knews wimmins, the more I love my dog. The dog don't care I want to watch a kung fu movie eating chili with cheese and onions and drinking a beer and farting, hell the dog is trying to scarf some chili and the damn beer. I can go fishing when I want and sleep in.

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