What Have YOU Done To Earn It?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes.

Today’s subject is “What have you done to earn it?”
Meaning, point fucking blank, What the fuck have you done to earn your freedom?
Those of us, who are vet’rens… whelp… hate to tell you, We already earned our ticket.
Those of you, on the couch, in the house, doing nothing but Keyboard Warrior shyyte?
I got nothing for you.
If you consider ‘signing a petition’ or ‘protesting -fill-in-the-fucking-blank-‘ then, as I said, I got nothin’ for you.  Granted, not all of us could serve in the military.  Got great friends, one with a heart murmur, one with fucking autism (real deal shytte) who’d never make the grade.  However, BOTH those motherfuckers have EARNED the right to say they’re owed.  One became a state senator (heart murmur) and the other, infiltrated and became the comptroler of a city/state of a certain city that will go un-named, but he’s fighting from the inside to help the people who need it.  At great personal risk might I add…  If someone doxxed him, the opposition would probably kill him both career wise as well as physically.

I positively hate using Commie slogans, but, “We have nothing to lose but our chains!”

And in this case, It’s the truth.
In many social settings, I talk to people and listen to their POV
Almost all of my interactions are with people like myself.  Woke, tribal and patriotic.
The biggest hangout I have is at GunGals store.  I’ll go down and cop a squat on one of the chairs she’s got around the register.  It gives the place an old ‘country store’ feel, and us “Gun” Guys’ll hang and bullshit about everything.  Not too many prior service, and what few I do know are not combat arms.  Mostly support folks and ‘other’.
The overwhelming thing that I find is that almost all of them, despite their experiences with the Military (mostly good, some bad… anyone who’s served knows of what I speak) and the Veterans Administration (mostly bad) still have a belief in “The System.”
“The courts will straighten this out… you’ll see.”
“Yeah, Biden cheated but there’s no way the courts will let this stand.”
“Don’t worry, even if Biden does become president, there’s no way he will or can outlaw guns.”
Just where in the fuck have you been people?
Hate to say it, but yep.  Time to earn that freedom from “The System” that, despite your fantastical delusions, has fully enslaved you.
The current federal government, as it stands, and as it is, despite its claims to the contrary, is nothing more than an oversized street gang with better guns and training.

The Law is no longer ‘fair and balanced’
Rules and Punishments for us ‘smallfolk’… us ‘deplorables’…the ‘commoners’ 
See “Kyle Rittenhouse”
The self-styled ‘Elites’?
When was the last time you even heard of a Congresscritter doing actual jail time?

I -think- that the last one to do real time was back under Bush the Second.  The demoncrat from Louisiana who got 13 years for accepting bribes… in 2009… lots have been indicted, but damned few have been nailed to the wall.  And it’s motherfucking obvious that they’re all fucking dirty.  Mostly its a matter of keeping everything on the down-low and making sure you pay the right people to provide cover.
Y’all gonna have to re-earn our freedom the hard way.

Freedom ain’t free.

That’s my new GrandBebe… baby Sister to #1. Two weeks old today.

I. will. be. damned. if I let her and her sister grow up slaves to the fucking communist scum that are trying to take over.  
Over. my. dead. body.

With your shield, or on it.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Well if your standard for having paid your dues is prior service in some government agency you have perpetuated the deep state.

    On the other paw, you have gotten better training in a shorted period that I can do on my own.

    Dunno know how this ends and I hope the courts manage to do the right thing but I have my doubts.

    And the longer it takes to solve the issue them more likely it will not be met as it should, should the upstart BH side win.

    Personally I like to find allies where I can and anyone who thinks the USA is the greatest thing since sliced bread I will count as an ally.

  2. You know you're right. I, just as yerself knew long ago that it would come to this. Most of us that have served and "Have u Been Experienced", been stackin our shit deep for the "Festivities" . One man and a bunch of hopium aint gonna get er done. It'll take all of "us". Careful out there, my man!

  3. My ticket was punched and I earned it, but I am still earning it, 'cuz Freedom isn't free and it never takes a rest.

  4. We hold these TRUTHS to be self evident,that all men are created equal, that they are ENDOWED By their CREATOR (not by service in the armed forces or by the president or the myriad people who have served in the military of the USA) with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life,LIBERTY (freedom) and the pursuit of happiness. So, to answer your question, I myself have done nothing to earn my freedom. I didn't have to and regardless of what delusion any other person may be under, I still don't have to "earn"it. It was bestowed upon me by all mighty God. To keep it, I may have to defend it, but I don't have to earn it.

  5. Of course another consideration is that civilians, that are productive, are THE source of ALL the weapons and gear and training and support that are provided for military personnel by the government.
    Taxes. The soldiers,alone, couldn't produce enough wealth needed to supply everything from nuclear warheads to 5.56 ammo and governments, well, they don't produce anything do they?

    1. The soldier's role in society is to PROTECT and DEFEND the civilians against All enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, ensuring their way of life. It's a symbiotic relationship. The civilians would not be able to live in freedom without the soldiers defending those rights, and without the civilians there would be no need for soldiers. No, the soldiers cannot fight without the productivity of the civilians. Nor can the civilians enjoy a safe and free environment in which to produce far more than arms and ammunition without the soldiers.

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