What the Hell is Going on?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes

Fuck.  I can’t catch a break.  Wifey had us get some UberEats last night
And I’ve been barfing alllllllll night and alllllllll day today.
Thankfully I’m not dehydrated, and the blood sugars are low, but good low, not bad low.  I just feel like complete shit.  She’s not doing too well either.  Both of us…  Swear I must have violated a chef’s tomb or something… “Curse of the Crappy Food”
So anyways
The game is still going…

This dead motherfucker right here…

Wonder if his wife voted too?
The fucking Biden Fucktards know –not– what they have wrought
They auto-delegitamized theyselves 
As in the next step is going to be, barring complete fuckery (not that we haven’t seen this coming) is that IF the Supreme Court –does- break for Orange Man Bad, then they’ll be screaming how it’s illegal (again), that he stole the election (again) and it’ll be a shytte show (again) for 4 mor years…
Dunno why it was sooooooo important –this time- to get this election in the Bucket…  I mean all they hadda do was sit down, shut the fuck up, keep being assholes, and hey, the 2024 would have been a cakewalk, for maybe Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, or “Toothy McBigtitties”… yeah I’d motorboat her… they –are- fantastic albeit communist titties, but for the most part, lobotomize what little cranial smoke she does have, and she’d be a half-decent fuck.
Prolly to keep out of jail, if the Q folks are right… But me? I no longer subscribe to or follow Q.  I personally think it was a LARP done to keep the mentally deranged ‘busy.’  Meaning the autists… Geniuses one and all, and fully capable of causing alllll sorts of trouble if left to their own devices.  Give ’em a job, keep ’em busy… let them crawl around the dark corners of the web, rather than doing damage elsewhere… Hackers gonna hack, better to distract them.

Right now though, the jury box is open, and being used

The Cartridge Box awaits.
Truthfully, I’m tired.
Sore, sick and physically exhausted.
Gonna keep on driving on.  Ordered a bunch of Celox for the aid bags… when I hooked up Serbian War Criminal, I realized some of the med-gear is expired.  I mean it’ll still be good, BUT I’d also like to get the updated stuff… the KwikClot that I have is some of the OG stuff… first generation stuff… I needed to update with some of the newer high speed gear.
Couple of chest seals, a 10 pack of compression bandages… 2X Celox Injectables and some Injectable Lidocaine (helps with doing the stitching and sewing… no need to ‘Rambo it’).  
Also added some other stuff… found 500 Round 1/2 case of 5.56 Steal Cased Russian for $240.
I’m fucking broke now of course.
BUT… the new job is still rolling
Hopefully shit’ll hold together for a few more months… leastways til I can make some hard decisions.
So, Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. IF the Supremes DO break for Cheetoh Jesus, it's his second term and no holding back.
    Think weapons free, scorched earth, end of ALL fucking liberals.
    He can do it, or we can in the coarse of quelling the rebellion that follows his second inauguration.
    I got nothing better to do. I can wait…..

  2. It must be considered that it is possible that random leftists now feel they have immunity to seek revenge against they perceive as political enemies. Does anyone really thing these soulless animals are above it? What other jobs could these Mommie's basement dwelling no skill losers get except in the food service industry?

    1. I have no problem with helping them become worm food.
      I guess they'd technically be performing food service duties….

    2. Been to places where fried work is considered a delicacy. Maybe but only after my alcohol induced blindness kept me from actually seeing it!

  3. What der fuck you doing wasting good money on delivery? Most delivery drivers in my AOA? Smoking pot while driving, one guy smelled of meth. And you can't trust the quality of the food being fixed.

    Y'all need to roll your own, so to speak. Saves lots of money, makes the house smell good, and you fix stuff you can eat and trust the quality of.

    Geez, fer a survival-prepper dude, I swear, sometimes yer being a bonehead.

    Now is the time to be doing slow-cooked roasts that feed for a few days, same with pork-shoulder bbq and stuff like that.

    Geez, start thinking you been listening to that douche-canoe Kerodin douche. (I am being sarcastic on that point, m'kay?)

    But, yeah, that's two bouts of shit-stomach you've had in the last two weeks. You need to stop that… shit. Stop buying crap food and make your own.

    Some people…

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