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I’ma drop this here for an early-release, and might do a follow up tomorrow… why the fuck not 
Time again for “Sergeant’s Time Saturday”.  I’m yer host, Big Country, and today’s subject is the M-67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade.  

In keeping with the same premises that I’ve put out before, this’s strictly for entertainment purposes.

Not that anyone is going to have these things rolling around in their trunk
Leastways one would hope they ain’t…
The idea, as stated before is Common Task Training
‘Cause you never know what might be left laying around after the fact.
Make of it what you will.
The M67, or “Lil Ball of Hate” was developed in 1967 (designated ’67’ natch) and fielded in 1968 as a replacement for the M26 “Pineapple” and M33 “Lemon” frags.  They’re pretty effective with a blast radius of 16 feet fatally, and wounding out to 50 feet, although fragments have been found as far as 250 feet from point of detonation.

REALLY effective in enclosed spaces, what with shrapnel and blast/concussions, it’s earned the nickname of “Lil Ball of Hate” honestly.  


The importance of properly gripping/holding the hand grenade cannot be overemphasized. Soldiers must understand that a grenade not held properly is difficult to arm. Gripping procedures differ slightly for right- and left-handed soldiers.

Righties hold it ‘normally’

Right-handed soldiers hold the grenade upright with the pull ring away from the palm of the throwing hand so that the pull ring can be easily removed by the index or middle finger of the free hand.

While you ‘Southpaws’ A.K.A. ‘Lefties’ have to hold it inverted thuslike:

Left-handed soldiers invert the grenade with the fingers and thumb of the throwing hand positioned in the same manner as by right-handed personnel.  This lets y’all pull pin/throw easier with your strong arm.

Now, on throwing, they had us learn to stick your arm out, as apparently you want to point at what yer throwing at:

Pull Pin

Throw, Yell loudly (unless doing the Sneaky Pete) “FRAG OUT!” 
Get the fuck down
You yell so’s yer buddies don’t get caught unawares. (More on this in uno minuto)
Now, I’ve never (outside of Basic/AIT) used a frag in this manner.  The ONE time I used a frag I tossed it into a highly questionable room, so it was more like in the movies than open combat
Urban environments are a stone bitch
That being said, the fuze delay on this thing is between 4-5 seconds.
Don’t believe it
Never Ever Plan on a frag having any sort of consistency
“Once Mr. Pin is Pulled, Mister Grenade is No Longer Your Friend.”
No fuckin’ joke there Aye?
Now, it IS 14 ounces of fury waiting to be unleashed.  A steel shell with a BB matrix and Comp B as the explosive.

It has the standard Pin setup that you see on TV but it also has a shipping clip that you need to pop off BEFORE pulling Mr. Pin.  The shipping clip is there to keep Mr. Spoon in place IF by some miracle Mr. Pin dislodges.

Bad things happen when Mr. Pin works loose unexpectedly.
Happened in 96 at Ft Campbell… right after I left.  Some asshole LT with a live frag on the live fire combined arms ranges lost a fucking frag.
Apparently, from what we found out later, he’d secured it to his pouch by the pin
And, at one point he laid down, and Mr. Pin popped out.
Did I mention that it lay on the ground for a while?
And when the Colonel of the Brigade, my old unit mind you, but 1st Batt (I was 2nd) did ‘hands across the range’ to find Mr. Grenade not knowing the pin was out.

Hands Across the Range is when a critical piece of equipment goes missing, and literally every swinging dick gets on line and walks every. single. inch. of the location in question until it’s found or whatnot.
Well, they found it.
When someone either kicked it, stepped on it or picked it up, not knowing Mr. Pin took a day off…
Killed one, wounded 11, and got the Brigade Commander relieved for cause
Which totally sucked.  Colonel Martinez was a really good Commander… 
Wasn’t his fault that the LT didn’t tell anyone about the pin still being on his web gear and not in Mr. Grenade…
Fuckin’ LTs man…
So anywho
That’s the fast n furious breakdown on Mr. Grenade and his parts.
Now, also, jes’ sayin’
For those of us in a PatCon sort of mindset, there are means to fuck with the opposition
In Fallujah, (I got this second hand from the Jarheads in question) the Gyrenes were running low on Frags.  As I said  before, Urban Combat is a stone bitch, and Mr. Grenade is a MAJOR party favor for fun and games.
So, the Jarheads were out of Frags
And this one group of guys got some dug-in bad guys inside this ville…
So one of the more ‘creative’ Guys, he grabs his Rip It Energy Drink

Crack in a Can…
And about the size of a standard Frag…

The Army kept those lil beauties in the Mess hall for free, and we were all addicted to them…

So, the Marine yells out “Frag OUT!” and chucked the Rip It into the room with the Hajjis…
Who come swarming out of the room like red ants from a disturbed nest thinking they were about to meet a “Lil Ball of Hate”…
And subsequently got captured/killed.
Point being you say?
Well… in some circumstances, something similar could be used to psyche out your opponent say…
Using an Airsoft replica mayhaps?
‘Cause the training takes over…
And you yell “Frag OUT!” and throw a highly realistic simulator, people gonna beat feet or hit the dirt, causing you to gain a minor advantage for a few seconds… because no one wants to be around when Mr. Grenade goes off.
Just mor of my usually twisted ideas…
Hell, some of the Airsoft “Frags” are loaded with paint balls… that’d fuck them up too
>BOOOM< (cops covered in yellow paint, highly confused) “Da Fuck?”
So, more later, and I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. VietNam: screw out the handle/detonator, pull the pin, let it cook off, screw back in the Harmless detonator, insert pin. Now for the fun part – Pull pin, toss into a truckload of gooks, watch the action…..Good times. (Never confuse the harmless with the good ones)

    1. Dude I was making stuff with glass baby jars, 12 ga powder cut from shells and the bird shot from that to make some really powerful "fun balls" when I was 12. My friends dad was super pissed about the barn sheet metal. I'm sure had we both been his children we would have beat the snot out of us.

    2. There we go with that wonderful word "legally" again. Some of you folks need to unfuck your head, by the time you actually need a M67 frag, legally will be the last thing on your mind, or if it is, you're dead. Thinking outside the box comes naturally to a lot of people, and to others, you can't ram it in their head with a jackhammer. Stop thinking like a prisoner, which you obviously are in your own mind.
      You best take that word and throw it as far from yourself as possible, or you're going to lose before this show even gets started.

  2. Back in '07 at Anaconda, we are rolling out of the wire and stopped at the test fire pit. My gunner starts yelling at me that the .50 isn't working and as he opens the feed cover, the guts fall out. Luckily the cupola caught the parts. I clamber up and and find all the parts (thank God for flashlights) and see the problem is the feed pawl retention pin broke. I wind up the old noodle, trying to think of what i have in the truck to fix it with, as the rest of the convoy is slow rolling out the gate (we were rear gun). Genius erupts when i tell the gunner to hand me a grenade. I pull the pin and hand him the grenade and tell him to tape the spoon with the tape we kept all over our rig. meanwhile, we start to roll out so as not to keep the convoy waiting. I apply my multitool to bending the pin to the correct shape and slide it in. it fit pretty good. My gunner, Trex Adams (his real name. His parents must have liked the band), asks what to do with the grenade. I told him to throw it in the field next to the road. He was fresh out of Basic and a little scared but he chucked it with a big grin. We did a rolling test fire with great success and radioed we were up and moving. The CC asked what happened. I explained that "Trex broke the .50 but we fixed it with a grenade". He said "what did you do with the grenade?". I said "don't ask". Smoothest field fix of my career that actually worked.

  3. When your loyal opposition is alert in daylight, and can figure out you're going to use grenades, knowing how to cook them off before letting them fly will be important. 3-5 second fuse delay means you can let the spoon go for the count of one thousand one, and it should be on it's way. Being coordinated in your movements, confident, and stiff of spine will add to your viewing pleasure. Having cooked them off in combat, and in training, it works well. Remove safety bail from happy fun ball before use.

  4. From the link "Soldiers must take cover quickly because the fragments travel farther than the grenade can be thrown."
    Just good advice.

  5. An old buddy of mine gave me a copy of US Army Improvised Munitions manual circa 1969. You would be surprised what you can actually construct with some household stuff and maybe a trip to the hardware store. Embrace the boom, but be very careful. Meticulously so. Ohio Guy

  6. About thirty years ago, I worked with a Marine who was in Vietnam, ambushed in 1964 while carrying an M-14. Automatic fire stitched him lower right to upper left while in a high ready position. He attributed the wooden stock of the M-14 to saving his life, he lost two fingers on his right hand, but several bullets were stopped in the gunstock. The real issue came when a bullet knocked the pin out of a grenade carried on his harness above his heart and the spoon flipped open. He said no one wanted to come near him for a long, long time …

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