Whew.. Back but it’s been a Bitch

Greetings and Non-Infectious Salutations to my Non-Plague Ridden Droogs!


Jesus Christ, my One and a Half Lungs feel like I’ve smoked a carton of Marlboro Red 100’s, stuck my head over the chimney at a coal burning power plant, and then for fun, deep french kissed everyone in a Tuberculosis ward…  Yeah… its been that bad.  Killer is, as far as I know its NOT from sucking up the Mold Spores and Shit at work.  I went to a show last Thursday.

“I’ll Take Mongolian Metal for $2000 Alex…”

“Mongolian Biker Hordes?  Oh we are –so fucked!!!-

Most of y’all have prolly heard of them… it’s The Hu.  Mongolian Throat Singing Heavy Metal band.  I found them during some research about a year ago on Throat Singing… I mean shit, I have eclectic tastes.  The throat singing was listed as ‘unique’ to Mongolian culture, so I was checking it out and lo and behold, during my research, I found this obscure fucking group called The Hu (pronounced “Who” which leads to some confusion amoungst the uninitiated)  It Translates to “Humans” in Mongolian…
Well… they struck me as awesome.. the lyrics are pretty much in the vein of “Our people conquered the known world, we ground -everyone- beneath our horses hooves, so What the Fuck Happened?

I’d say a good dose of The Great Wall, with a taste of Globalism and stupidity…
Jes sayin’…
But for real, they’re on tour, the tickets were only $25 in advance, it was a small venue and man they fucking kicked it… blew the fucking roof off the building.
Which is where I’m sure how I got sick as fuck.  Sapper went down first… me the day after.  Been achy breaky and generally onery for the past few days.  Thankfully things at work have slowed a bit so I haven’t been on the spot.  I have to go in tomorrow and start rolling but fuckit.  I need the $$$.

Other news: Wirecutter got blown the fuck up for 2-3 days… that sucked. Glad he was able to recover… For a second when I tried his links, I got a “404” of Doom message… thought the “Thought Gestapo” had finally caught up, so I emailed him:

“Yo Wirecutter!
Yer page is 404’d.

He very kindly responded (despite being busier than the towel boy in a circle jerk):

“Crashed that sucker hard, didn’t I?
It’s in the process of being restored now.
I crashed it about 5 AM Friday when I tried to update something. The blog was up but I couldn’t post or do anything but moderate comments. Luckily, I already had the day’s posts scheduled.
My host was outdated so they had to transfer the entire site over to a new one, then the domain name has to be transferred and that’s where I’m at now. They said it could take up to 24 hours, so it may be down through Monday. Hopefully I can get posts up for Tuesday.
Because everything will be changed on my end, especially my posting window, things are going to be funky for a while until I get everything ironed out. Posting will be light probably for the rest of the week once it does come back up.
Thanks for your understanding.

” Always remember to pillage before you burn”

Kenny is purely the shit. I’ve been a long term fan and follower, and actually we correspond frequently. I sent him a 1st or second print edition of Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” that my grandad left me, (leather bound hand centered print… dated 18 something… very old and very rare) and I knew my bio-spawn wouldn’t appreciate… Kenny on the other hand with old books… shit from what I can tell old books like that are like heroin LOL. Addictive as hell.

Sort of like Phil at The Vulgar Curmudgeon. Phil’s addiction is, from what I can tell, anything vintage mechanical devices… older the better… he’s always blogging about his garage o’shytte… I worry the old bastard is gonna get crushed in a landslide of 10 tons of old machinery one of these days LOL….

But yeah, I’m alive and stoned from the NyQuil/DayQuil… The medicine that they -sez- don’t make you drowsy… My ass….. I’m fuckin’ high as fuck right now. Gotta love it.

More tomorrow if I have time…
I remain, the headstuffed carcii known as the Intrepid Plague-Bearing Reporter
Big C

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  1. Need to stay away from the vape using snowflakes, those people are dangerous.

    Good to read you're getting better, though, wouldn't want to think you were being polite or something.

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