Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems us whities can’t catch a break.

The New HMFIC (Head Motherfucker In Charge) over at the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, claims that all us whypeepo is the problem… Link HERE

That’s funny, he doesn’t look druish…

But seriously. 
Lotsa folks freaking out, rightfully so as it’s been the niggers and the (((theoretical rich white people))) burning down our collective shit all summer long.  I mean the names of the arrested (((rich whites))) so far looks like young Shlomo Becksteins’ Bar Mitzvah invitation/guest list.
Tell me I’m wrong.
BUT:  To play da debbilz advocate for a second… for one minute, look at it from Da Goobermint’s perspective.  Realistically, -they- know well and good that the bumblefuck commies and shit are, at best, a minor issue overall.
It’s the normies of middle class America that scares the ever-living shit out of them.
It’s the normies… the currently “Sleeping Saxon” they fear most of all.
It’s the normies who’ve they’ve been bamboozling, taxing the fuck out of, all to support the Nigger Tax.
It’s the normies that they’re absolutely terrified of, and rightfully so.
It’s the normies who, for the first time ever, are buying guns at a record unseen before.

Been said a lot before, but it bears mentioning:
When niggers riot, they burn their own neighborhoods down
When (((they))) riot, they get the niggers to burn down other peoples neighborhoods
When, on the rare occasion it -does- happen, Whites burn entire cultures and races down.

So of course the Goobermint is terrified of the Whypeepo.

The commies?  Lets face it… despite Bracken and a bunch of ‘others’ sayin’ >clutches pearls< “Don’t underestimate them!!!” (and I’m not) but besides a few hardcores and whatnot… seriously?  I and obviously the Goobermint doesn’t take them seriously.  Especially since it’s pretty obvious that Soros is funding them, the Goobermint Deep State is using them as their own personal Sturmarbeitlung?  I mean the fact that the same motherfuckers are showing up (AntiFa Kids) nationally at ALL the riots?  The same dudes and Mxs that seem to be cropping up, yet don’t get arrested, don’t get jailed for any long period of time, who seem to have the ability and financial backing to travel all over the country, nevermind having bail monies allllll over the place?
OF COURSE The DHS clowns are terrified.
The Saxon is starting to wake up, there ain’t no coffee, he’s hung over, and he’s got a LOT off guns and bullets, and he’s grumpy as fuck.
This will not end well.
In fact it’s starting to explain all that ammo that the FedGov has been stockpiling over the years, and arming everyone, including the Weather-guessers (National Weather Service) is now federally armed to the fuckin’ teeth.  They know eventually, We. Are. Coming. For. Them. All.
If’n I was in old Chadrick’s seat, I’d be telling them too that Whitey is the biggest threat out there as well.
Because we are.
So, More Later, Back to Work… Yeah, first day sorta-kinda… doing Tech Checks all day on ye old home network and such for the new work-from-home gig.  So far, so good.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Hi BC!!!,
    (And I don't mean "BC the Cave Man.. if ya' read the Sunday Funnies' from eon's ago!!)
    Back at the Ranch… Bubba, I really love yer' "No Holds Barred" approach!!
    Reminds me of my troops down here in S/E la., especially in my "Parrish!!!"
    We reside just east of "Livingston Parrish" and just west of "Washington and St. Tammany Parishes!!"
    Yup …. when ya' get steeped into the history of the location you will get to know why it is called
    "The BLOODY Tangipahoa!!!"
    Lot's of "WHITE PEOPLE!!!!"
    Along with the "AMERICAN" Flag you will find lots of "Stars and Bars!!!"
    And down in the Manchac Swamps we grow 1000lb gators by the dozen!!
    They don't get that way by just eatin' fish!!!!!!!
    Come on down some time!!
    The Beer is COLD and the Music is HOT!!!
    along with the Food!!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  2. If I remember correctly the feds used Caucasian targets during the O'Drama era to show their wokeness. The hoarding of select fire weapons and hollow point ammo by groups such as tbe weather service, NASA HHS, VA and other head scratching groups was partially to keep the ammo out of civilian hands, and partially to create the promised non military domestic "peace keeping" force he promised.
    That program seems to have morphed into a potentially well armed shadow force capable of supporting an armed coup and not accountable to any chain of command.
    Why they fear us 50+ caucasians is not a mystery, we were raised by WWII survivors and taught to question authority, but not yet indoctrinated to not question a narrative provided by the anti authoritarian press.
    What they will do about us is not a huge mystery, and yet how it will be accomplished is the million dollar question. Any cancer that kills off the organ it lives in kills of the host, how will the ivory tower eat after they purge us from their model of civilization. I am one of the "Rough men who let them sleep while I man the walls" and do not plan to go gently or peacefully.

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