Who Wears It Better?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
< Le Sigh >
If’ it ain’t one thing it’s another.  This here country, if’n I was to write the headlies these days, it’d be something like “Murica Eats Loco Weed, Goes Bananas in Triplicate, Film at 11:00”.  Yeah, What really trips me out is I honestly thought that that fucking weirdo fucking psycho Tranny-Nonbinary Whackjob that was announced as the Czar of Nukular Waste and Sheee-it was a fucking joke man.

Like for really-reelz y’all.
And then I saw more
And More
And Man…

Are we sure that they didn’t mean that this twink wasn’t found in Nukular Waste?
‘Cos that -might- explain it.  A fucking Dog Rapist Mutant?  Found in among the cracked and glowing casks of waste at the Springfield Nuke plant?  And yeah, this seems like something a ‘Simpsons’ episode would riff on.  And speaking of Animation?
Who wears it better? The above or

That’s HIM from the Powerpuff Girls FYI, a bit of a Twink character itself.

I’m not sure how to look at this…
I mean it’s a moment of “You’ve gone to far” for the whole “
Look at how diverse and accepting we are!!!!!” 

Listen, y’all know, my spawn #2, my daughter is trans, leastways she sez she is, but I’m waaaaay accepting of teh gay lifestyle as long as you keep it to yer damned selves.  Don’t insist I ‘bend the knee’ or demand a ‘by you leave’ sort of thing… that’ll earn an asswhupping.

That being said however, this fucking loon?
In charge of Nukular Waste nationwide?

Uh… yep
Jes’ Sayin’
Add on, is this to embrace the Kink-Twink-Self-Admitted Dog Fucker
For certain, this’s a “what if this’s bait” for a idiot.
As in, the better question is, is this a willfull and intentional provocation to see if one of the ‘lesser-wrapped’ folks on /ourside goes “Oh Hells No! Kills it with FIRE!” and goes out and then kills (‘assassinates’ in the terminology they’ll use) a “valued and much-beloved IMPORTANT Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.”?  

I mean when you think about it, the position is minor.  I truly don’t give two shits.  Thing is it IS a cabinet level (Presidential Appointee) and therefore, as even MOAR terrifying as it could get, is that the Secretary of Energy is #15 in Presidential Succession.

Imagine if you will, a scene from Tom Clancy’s “Debt of Honor” when the Japanese Pilot takes out the State of the Union with a 747.  Imagine now that this’s now, and the Twin k is running behind shcedule ‘cos they/them’s makeup just isn’t ‘fierce enough’ and is the highest ranking Cabinet Member to survive.

Jes’ Sayin’

Which I’m pretty sure -no one- in the administration of Fucktards running the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den and Company ever thought that far ahead

Good Planners They Ain’t.
They couldn’t organize a gangbang in a Bangkok Whorehouse with a fistload of Rubles.
I could easily imaging the discussion betwix these luminaries:

“The deplorables haven’t taken –any- of the bait we’ve been throwing out there!”
“I didn’t get a ‘harumph’ outta that guy!”
“Give the (p)Resident a harumph!”
“You watch your ass… now, we need to really get under the yokels skins… How about a Twink that they’ll gun down in a New York Second?”
“Great Idea!”

I mean is it me, or appointing this Twink a revised edition of “Blazing Saddles” ‘cept instead of a Black Guy, it’s the fucking Weirdo Twink-Dog Fucker?  Dunno, but to me, I’ve been correct occasionally.  Much to my own self loathing.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Every time I see all the degeneracy going on here in Weimerica, I can’t help but think how one day, for no reason at all, people elected Hitler.

    The folks that kvetch and moan about Nazis push the (exact) (same) (conditions) that led to Nazis shutting that shit down as hard as they could.

    1. Berglander- It is the Exact Same (((people))) promoting these Freak-Show Perversions as before, in post-WWI occupaied Germany. This is why, IMO, that Decorated Austrian Corporal was so Popular. He led das Volk to Clean this shit Up, along with driving out the (((moneychangers))) and Restoring the German Economy after Wartime Destruction and Postwar Looting. Ever heard of the Bank of International Settlements? It was the (((agency))) set up to Pillage Germany, to Pay the Debts to the (((banks))) that Financed the Wars.

  2. I honestly don’t mind the kink, but the dog fucking is beyond the pale.

    How a supposed animal lover like Hunter’s dad, and a bunch of lib simp soy milk douches who fall about over animal causes at home and abroad, could say “meh…” to a creep like this who sodomizes animals by force is beyond even their horrid moral turpitude.

  3. Just an obvious sign that the cabal of satanic pedos are pulling Slo’s strings and calling the shots. What happened their incessant bullshit about ‘restoring decorum and the other garbage about dignity and whatnot? We knew it was lies but damnation, that’s a clear screw you to anyone with a molecule of decency. And they were upset about the orange man ‘grabbin’em by the pussy’? Clownworld gets more hellish by the day.

  4. Spectacle executions may be the cure, but I’m not a doctor so getting a second opinion might be advised.

  5. I am not affiliated with Sarah Posa in any way. I was not aware of her conspiracies. This is my final demand for you and your readers to stop contacting me.

    1. Huh Danny, I thought you weren’t part of the psychopaths, unless this -isn’t- you. The proclivities of this lil group of Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen to make fake emails and ‘revv up’ bogus stuff is well patterned. I have -no idea- who’d be contacting you mate. Especially since yer in Scotland, and simping and white knighting for her is only going to muck you up, as I have ALL the previous conversations we had ABOUT Sara, showing you were/are affiliated. I -really- hope this isn’t you, as you seem(ed) like a good cobber. Best of Luck and hopefully this’s just ANOTHER moron trolling with the ‘bot.

    2. Plus also, gauging from the panicked tone of all the boilerplate emails and fake attempts to do snapchat shytte I’ve been getting inundated with, pretty obvious that oh, somewhere, sometime soon, people are going to go to jail, and pro tip? It’s not me nor mine.

          1. Hey, Y’all reading this, Danny here got caught up in the Troll Patrol, so cease and desist in any emailing or bugging him. As in evvabody play nice and leave all these idiots (not you Danny, i.e. being an idgit LOL) as I have a LOT of things in the background moving, hence the recent uptick in the Troll Patrol Panic Activities. They -know- they’re in deep shit and the end is near.

            Now, Danny legit tried to stick up for someone he thought was a friend. Now, dunno if this’s -ackchully- him or not, but for the moment I’ll presume so. Too many fake accounts stirring the pot but this seems like him, so, either way, offer apologies you fucking savages. Love y’all for sticking up for me, but this kid? Leave him be.

            He’s a good kid who unfortunately didn’t know who he was acquainted with. I’ll make mention of it later in a poast. However Danny, be aware your former “friends” and I use that term loosely, have a modus operandi of making fake email, snapchat and other accounts and then bombarding themselves and/or anyone else who they know to ‘build book’ for an attempt to claim that they’re the ‘victim(s)’. As Flavor Flav used to say “Don’t believe the hype boyyyyyyyyyeeeee!”
            So, Go in Peace My Son. Be well, and if I could, I’d offer a Tennants. Cheers!

  6. “I mean when you …”

    Nothing would change…you wouldn’t notice any difference.
    Nope. They are all 5 sigma fucked up.

    1. Upper thorax, centerline. The message is very clear and a minute or three of reinforcement of the lesson, or prelude. The nice civilized rule following side ain’t gonna win what’s coming.

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