Why Should We Trust Them NOW?

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Back to the daily Grind.  Looking forward to come-what-may, be it stupid or whatever.  
Honestly I’ve completely lost faith in anything and everything governmental.

I mean it’s a given

I mean how many years did I, Mr. Naïveté, allow the fucking U.S. Fucking Military to bend me over?  Then, after being completely and utterly fucked by the military, the anal-rapefesivus continued with a near twenty year cornholing courtesy the Veterans Administration?  

Then comes CoronaChan 
Now, yeah, I was an ‘early adopter. My bad on that. Now? What with the horseshit that they keep shoveling in our direction? And the Local Governments going batshit full Nazi? Newsolini of Califorincation, and Obergruppenfuhrer WHitler in Michigan? All I can say is, despite the unusual characters here, Thank GOD I live in Florida. I mean our Governor? Mister “You Loot We Shoot?” Fuck yeah. Still don’t trust the feds… not anymore.
And now?  Amazeballs how, now that the erection is over (even though it isn’t) the riots stopped AND a “cure” or “vaccine” has been found?

Not buying it.

Especially since the following info is oot-and-aboot about this new shit…

“Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccine, on the other hand, is completely new and revolutionary to say the least. It uses a sequence of genetic RNA material produced in a lab that, when injected into your body, must invade your cells and hijack your cells’ protein-making machinery called ribosomes to produce the viral components that subsequently train your immune system to fight the virus. In this case, Moderna’s mRNA-1273 is programmed to make your cells produce the coronavirus’ infamous spike protein that gives the virus its crown-like appearance (‘corona’ is crown in Latin) for which it is named.”

Link to the article HERE

See, one of the concerning issues I found is this line:

…the first mRNA vaccine ever approved for human use.” (emphasis mine)
OK… lame movie, but totally valid concern: Will Smith’s “I Am Legend”
Yeah yeah yeah… fucking hated that fucking movie…it sucked.
BUT:  The opening premise is that the world essentially done did itself in using a similar anti-cancer vaccine, that totally devastated the population…
And considering that –they– have telegraphed vis the Georgia Guidestones (if they are real… I personally think its sketchy as fuck)  But the drive so to speak to get everyone on board with this shit?  Call me less than trusting.  I mean they -just- fucking finished coding our DNA recently (recently being in the past 20+ years) and now they think they’ve figured it all out?  Let me tell ya, judging from the baseline of quote ‘Intelligence’ unquote of people these days?  I know there are some really smart motherfuckers out there BUT…  All the ‘supposed’ brilliant motherfuckers?  I dunno… not so much IMO Aye?

After ALL the past, current and upcoming bullshit they’ve dumped on us?
No fucking way.
I’ll “fake the funk”… just like I did back in the day.  I’m a really good forger… unless the shit has a chip or some bullshit, this “vaccine passport” should be relatively easy.  When the fact that this “vaccine” isn’t a vaccine but a reprogramming at a genetic level?

These fucktards can’t come up with a decent cure for the most basic of shit… in fact 90% of shit out there is purely palliative meaning it just helps with the symptoms.  It doesn’t cure -shit-… And dicking around with our DNA and RNA?  Fucking nay motherfuckers… Your general incompetence has been obvious (thalidomide anyone?)  which makes me highly suspicious of anything these fucking crapweasels are selling…
And that’s the fucking crux of it Aye?
Fucking profits
To the point some dunderheaded arsehole suggested selling all the vacc’s to the EU before hitting our own people.  Now, if he’s saying this to ‘guinea pig’ the Eurotrash?  Fuckin GREAT!  I’m all in… However, in this case, its sounds more like a pure-dee cash grab.
Which Big Pharma had a great couple of days in the Stonks
As I used to (and still say)
Join the Army They Said
See The World They Said
Fuck Hot Local Chicks They Said
Get Out, Get a College Degree, Get a Great Job They Said
Work Until You’re 60-62, Retire Comfortably They Said
They Fucking LIED
I Don’t Trust Them Anymore
And now THEY want us to take a hot shot of nRNA weirdness that we really don’t know or understand?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yeah that shit aint habbening. I already dropped out of society so I have no use for that shit in my life. Self employed so no mask or testing or shots for me.

  2. Bingo my brother! It is a path to exterminate us… nPbRNA is my answer, lets see if they can replicate and inject that…

  3. "Fucking nay motherfuckers…" is my line for the week (month?)! Holy shit that's funny and is applicable to nearly everything I'm reading about those who wish to rule us.

  4. I, for one, do not think they could get a vaccine that quick. And definitely no RNA bullshit. That has cancer written all over it.

  5. You may have run across some of the DIY CRISPR/Cas9 kits. The CAS9 protein acts like a microscopic pair of scissors. It cuts the genome at a predetermined location and substitutes other nucleotides. One place to get on of these is here, and it's cheap:

    Take ordinary Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, part of the normal flora of the human gut, cut and paste the genome and…voila! Bioluminescent E. coli that glow green. Next, collect the colonies off the agar, shake it up in liquid media. Squirt it up your ass and, in a day or two, your shit will glow in the dark until the next time you take Cipro and Flagyl! Take a shit on your neighbor's lawn for laffs! Launch it high in the air from the trebuchet in yer back yard!

    Those crazy kids. What'll they think of next? The wonders of modern science. One of the Chinese spies at my yooniversity who is a Ph. D. working in epigenetics just fled back to Red CHYYYYna! That's no shit.

  6. BigCountryExpat, about the blogshoot and your offer to bring baked goods: cookies would be nice. It looks like the count is 16, which is kind of a lot of cookies

  7. Not going to touch any COVID vaccine until every fucking Demorat has taken it first, along with their chums in the PRC and Russia, heck throw Iran int there too.

    Prove by first use that it is safe, go ahead, I will wait 6 months for the dust to settle. At age 68 I am still in the 99% survival demographic, so fuck 'em.

    1. I'll be 70 in the spring. Still healthy. Fuck 'em.
      I'm of hillbilly heritage; not much can kill us. And, my DNA says – don't trust the MF'ers.

    1. Big Pharm of course…. and ALLLLLL the fucking creatures of political persuasion who're gonna funnel the 'campaign donations' from them in by the palletload

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