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Mid Morning and Greetings to me Droogs and Droogettes out in the Land of Full Retard!

Got myself a cuppa and figured that since the Ole-Lady (currently in total bitch mode) is outta da house, and seeings that as soon as she shows back up at da crib, I’m a prolly pop smoke outta this motherfucker so as to avoid any more bullshit.

Yeah she went and pissed me off this morning… first day I’ve had to sleep in in a while and she goes and wakes me up calling me lazy and shit.

Fuck woman… I’m -unemployed!-  I’m going to hustle some Uber to earn my keep, but that shit doesn’t start getting busy here until mid to late afternoon.  I positively  refuse to do the “dealing with the drunks at night” shit.  In fact my rule of thumb is after I  pick up my first smashed ride, I call it a night.  The car is brand fucking new and I’ll be damned  if I let some retard puke in the new ride.  I dealt w/that shit in High School as a cab driver for junior and senior year…

Fond memories outside of the exceptionally stupid drunks.

So yeah, money wise I -was- selling my 2006 Tahoe Z71… got a lot of enjoyment out of it, but the engine seized this morning so I called a “we buy yer broke shit” company who’s coming to get it and pay me cash.  That’ll do.

So… todays topic:


Or better titled: “Why Big Country Thinks the Dems Have Gone Bananas in Spades

Well.  Overall, and garnering all the intel I can see, I’d have to say this is a “Build a Buffer” sort of thing.  What I mean by that is you have to look at the history, specifically dealing with the Original Civil War.  When one looks at the area, the thing most people have overlooked (leastways to my readings thusfar) is that Virginia is nominally home to the District of Columbia, i.e. Washington, the nations capital.  During Civ War One (CV1 from now on) General Bobby Lee concentrated his entire war strategy at the beginning to taking and capturing Washington shut the war down.

To whit Lincoln and his coterie enacted a number of measures to secure D.C.  Among them he consolidated the capital police, declared martial law, enacted the Pinkerton Agency to ferret out secessionists, staged massive arrests and imported massive amounts of troops, weapons and men from the North via railroad to build the Army of the Potomac.  He then established a buffer zone a couple of dozen miles from the capital to fortify the lines.

Now… because of the current fuckery thats going on, a lot of people seem to have overlooked the fact that D.C. is still sitting smack dab in the middle of Ole Virginny…  I mean people are aware, but what it means today versus ‘back during CW1’ is the distances involved.

Back in the 1860’s it took days to move a military unit.  Horses or by foot, it took like for fucking ever.  Longest roadmarch I ever did was the “Patton 100” which was/is? dunno if they still do it, but the 101st Airborne used to do a 48 Hour Force-March in full field gear once a year to commemorate Pattons 100 Mile Roadmarch w/Troops to relieve Bastogne.  They did it in 48 hours, so we had to do it in 48 hours.  25 miles every 12 hours.  Lots of blood in the boots let me tell you… especially with 60 pound packs.  Anyways… back then it took a long while to maneuver.

Nowadays?  My record Charleston S.C. to Tampa was 5 hours, 15 minutes.  almost 460 miles.

So IMO, they need a MUCH bigger buffer these days.

They need to establish a ‘no-guns/no-militia/no-training/no-nuthin’ zone as far as they can get from D.C.  Hell, I suspect if they could figure out how to force military veterans to move, they’d implement it.  Hell… red flag laws are the first step… it’ll be followed by some laws that probably will include “mandatory mental health evaluations” for anyone who wants to buy a gun.  And gee… guess what?  Yer a war vet? PTSD? Yah… so sorry ’bout that, No Gun for You.

They’ve already instituted this via the Medical Marijuana cards…  have a card?  No gun for you.

And the list will only grow from there.  D.C. needs a buffer zone.  It’s plain to see that they’re pretty much fucked if someone –really-  wanted to piss in their collectivist cheerios.  I mean realistically, if things go completely pear shaped  in Virginia, I can bet that almost 10 to 20 THOUSAND Recockulas Wannabe Anti-Gov kids are going to positively flood Virginia with the intent of ‘gittin’ sum’ against the Man.’  It’d be open war withe everyone shooting at everyone, and D.C.?  They’re completely and utterly fucked.

They have NO standing military units outside of the spooks at Vint Hill and the NSA… the only Infantry they have are the Presidents 100 and the Old Guard, heavy on pomp and circumstance, but not so much combat / trigger time.  No heavy weapons outside of SWAT Bearcats and the uparmored limos that they love… and let me tell ya, I earlier went over the lack of heavies in VA… it ain’t changed that I know of… never mind that the Nation Guard has pretty much told Northam to go fuck himself… and them Limos?  Couple dozen Molotovs or someone with a .50cal Barrett (which they’ve been desperately trying to outlaw) loaded with MilSurp SLAP Incendiary rounds?  10 Rounds dumped accurately into aforementioned limo?  Engine First, then Driver, the last 8 rounds in the rear passenger compartment?   Fuuuuck… only Limo that might shrug that off is the Prez-Mobile.

Yeah, they need the buffer… and to do that they’re going to rely on passing laws as quickly as possible to try and get people to either leave or just ignore the laws.

Because thats what most sane and normal people will do.

Fuck ’em.  I ignore the majority of the laws on the books not out of any lawless attitude, but as in “I’m a decent person and know not to kill people (without good reason) and same goes for stealing and all the other shit out there.”  It’s called the Golden Rule and I don’t need an overseer or Lord or Lady or even worse, a fucking bureaucrat to tell me what I can and cannot do.  And by ignoring these parasites makes it easy for them to pick off people slowly, quietly and without fuss…


This’s just the beginning…  they wouldn’t –need- a buffer zone unless they knew they were going to need one very shortly.  Got me a hunch some even shadier shit be coming soon, so on that, I’m off to load some more BBs of the 5.56mm persuasion.

Until Later, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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