Wifey’s Birfday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Her 2nd 25th Birfday today, so really lite on the poasting.  It’s been a like, month long celebratory scene with her, and tonight is no different.  ‘Cept I’m supposed to make shrimp scampi over linguine.  Should be a good meal as I -am- a hell of a cook.  

Also, speaking of food, I’d like to shine a light on something else: Bulking up your long term storage.  I got me a hunch… same hunch I had around January of last year.  Time to start hording foodstuffs.  Dunno why, but the voice in the back of ye olde head is sayin’ “Get MOR chow now!”

So, to assist, one of the better online won’t break the bank sources is the Mormons.
Church of Latter Day Saints warehouses to be specific.  The LDS kids back in the day had to deal with some serious attempts at being wiped out pogrom style in the Old West.  Because of the near-things that happened multiple times, they tended to be big on Prepping, and still are.  Lots of ‘basic’ foodstuffs can be gotten at their locations IF there is a local warehouse OR you can even order online.  The cost isn’t killer bad either.

The website: https://store.churchofjesuschrist.org

It’s under “All Categories” and “Food Storage” otherwise you’ll be buying the magic underwear and other weird things that go along with the Mormon stuff…

So, yeah, gotta work a full day.  Lunch break was doing the dishes from yesterday, emptying the dishwasher, and then clean up the stove and counter during break.  My last break of today is going to be meal prep, and hopefully laundry and a 2 minute combat-shower to get the funk off my ass.
I can Never catch a break around here.
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  1. Happy Barfday Missus BigCountry!
    And many more!

    Have an LDS store near me in Knox vegas. Good deal on #10 cans of dried goods. Bring cash, no cards.

    Have that same feeling about this summer, too. Pasture garden is working overtime…

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