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Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Full day ’round here in Big Countryland.  Had me an ‘up early/deal with bullshit’ with the HOA scumbags.  Sicced Wifey on ’em.  Little progress, we shall have to see where it goes.  Then, after barely waking up via a credit card company that called at oh-fuckin’-dark early looking for a payment.  That’s due -today-.

Are you yankin’ me?  I melted straight the fuck down on the ‘tard on the phone… one thing to be behind, another to get a call on the due date.  Any y’all else getting pinged like that?  Seems to me that if they’re THAT worried about my itty-bitty payment, then sheesh… how bad is the economy in real life/time?  I don’t think I want to know… hell we all know the answer to that one… anyways…  Want to cancel that fucker, but it’s the Wifey Clothing Expense Account.  Torrid, A.K.A. “Clothes for Fat Bitches” normally, but they do carry “Amazon” as a size… I mean by fat, she ain’t a bit fat, just fucking BIG.  Six foot One.  Gunga size Titties.  Thank gawd for Torrid… leastways it’s relatively affordable as opposed to some other places that -I- have to shop at like DXL Mens.  Fuckin’ the ‘D’ stands for Dollar… as in need an excessive amount to shop there.  Unfortunately, off the rack just ain’t in my cards.  5XL-Xtra Long, Gorilla, type one each.  Walmart maxes out at 2XL, maybe a 3, and even then its for short fat fuckers… no length… the shirts end up being comical half-shirts on me, with my gut hanging out.  NOT an attractive sight.
Now, for those who commented/asked, the Email for Contact is RAKKASAN101ST@PROTONMAIL.COM
Swiss Encrypted.  Feel free to drop a line about the AR or Flammenwerfer purchases.
Now, to the poly-ticks of the evening.  The realization that the picking of Kamala-toe “Kneepads” Harris is one of two things:
1) The Dems just are completely out to lunch, don’t give a flying fuck anymore, and went pure establishment.  The Establishment Dems back in the initial run up when there were what? 40 retards trying to pack into the Democrat Clown Car? 

The ED’s wanted ole Kamel Toe… prolly because she gave -someone- a right good sucky-sucky.  So thats their pick, and they know they ain’t gonna win, so fuck it, “Lets make history!  She’s Jamaican and Indian… Curry/Dot-Indian, not Elizabeth-Warren Indian…it’s perfect!!!!”

OR: 2) They’re going to be desperate to have a “Law and Order” push to make people feel good…. Ole Kneepads was a brutal, even evil-level Prosecutor.  They can use that to try and steer the Aging Old Cat-Lady Boomers into voting, as that group is still a serious vote-block they need, and if they picked Rice-the-Liar or that other fucking Commie Moonbat, it’d scare the moderates who want a return to normalcy, or at least a simulacrum of what we once had…  it’s also a Fuck You to the upstart AOC Branch of Green New Stupid.
The problem is that it’s all up in the air.  The polls?  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Those are just plain fucked.  Hell, I got one the other day on the phone where I self-Identified as a 85 year old black female.  Told ’em I was voting for Biden.  
And the way that the (((media))) and ‘cancel culture’ acts like and towards anyone who even sez a positive word about Trump?  Oh yeah… like they’re going to be honest with you about who they are voting for.
As Dear Old Departed DeadDad would say: “GMAFB”
Give me a fuckin’ break.  No way in hell is –anyone- this year gonna publicly state they’re voting for Trump.  Not the way things are right now…
Which leads me to believe, and I mean this sincerely… the Morons and Retards “inside the bubble” are going to believe these polls, and when Orange Man Bad trounces the ever loving shit out of the Dementia Patient and the Ho, all sorts of Hell is gonna break loose.  Mainly because they live in a FANTASY LAND.
You know, the one where black men are ‘hunted down daily by rabid, Confederate Flag wearing Klansmen, where CNN is the really-reelz truth and light in these dark and dangerous times… that Trump is a NAZI who’s been ‘disappearing’ those innocent non-violent protesters, and the violence is a Myth, made up to make people fearful.
And whats sad is that shit is what a lot of the Democrats in the Bubble really believe.
Sad part:  I got -most- of those above talking points from MomUnit… aging, elderly, richer-than-you-can-believe Boomer.  Life Long hardcore Dem.  Been talking with FedBro… who’s a recovering Libtard… told him after the re-election, we might have to actually get MomUnit serious psychological counselling, ’cause she’s gonna go completely off the rails when Orange Man Bad gets back in…
Her AND all her richie-rich friends are in the same intellectual and ideological boat.  And it’s really frightening to hear her talk as her talking points have no basis in reality.

Buy more guns.  Buy more Ammo (good fuckin’ luck there aye?)  Buy more shitpaper and food.
Be ready.  This is gonna be a fucking shitshow the likes of which has never been seen in the history of the United States.  Be ready to start doing really bad things because yer family and your own life is going to depend on your ruthlessness.  Mentally start preparing… you may be (like me) at about 80-90% stocked…physically, thats fine… it’s the mental game you gotta start getting geared for because THAT more than anything will shatter your nerve and defeat you.
Otherwise, had a great day, got an interview for a security gig, and an Offer letter on the table, but gotta see if I pass the background check and the drug test.  Not too worried, but we’ll see.
Til later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I got tired of my wife wearing 'Catherines' old clothes for black ladies, so I introduced her to Torrid. Buy on sale and you get a lot of hot-looking clothes for a decent buck. Another good on-line retailer for big girls is 'Avenue.' Buy on the sale page and you can find $50 stuff for $5 or so.

    As to your mom-unit? I have the same problem. My mom's a died-in-the-wool FDR Socialist Democrat. Anything to the right of FDR is just too conservative for her. And, yes, she believes FDR 'saved' America during the Great Depression, and she also believes that Barky the Lightbringer was 'like the best president ever!!!! Reeeeeeeee!' Gag-barf-hurl.

    She finally pinned me on the phone where my wife wasn't listening and I blew her doors off about the lack of constitutionality of the two previous democratic presidents, and how actually the current one is following the Constitution more than most any. And kept it up until she finally called 'Uncle' and she hasn't talked politics to me since.

    Stay sane-ish. Hope you fought off the HOA well enough to get them off of your ass. No-one needs a whole HOA on their ass.

  2. We should thank our lucky stars that the DNC picked Kamel Toe instead of that evil bitch Susan Rice. Imagine repeating the same lie on national TV for a week straight despite glaring evidence to the contrary. That takes pure, unabashed, evilness the likes of which is only found in the hot place below.


  3. I had a credit card company do the same to me one time. Turns out they went bankrupt soon after. They were simply scooping up as much money as they could beforehand.

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