Wow… How Dfuq did we get here?


Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes
File under “thing we thought we’d never have to do”…
I went through and realized just how fucked we be.
I’ve taken to wearing my cheap assed shoulder rig for the Glock 24-7… when I’m sleeping, the Glock, as well as the Uzi, the .458 SOCOM “People Destroyer” as well as an M-4 are on the nightstand for a QRF…
I mean tailor the enemy response appropriately as one would say.
I figure, depending on ‘visitors’ to have the proper level of response available…
For crowds, (since the flammenwerfer can’t be loaded 24-7… degrades the seals) I have the Uzi.  A 32 round burst should be enough to scatter said-“uninvited guests” which is what the libtards would probably call home invaders at this point…

The .458 SOCOM, beast that it is is decidedly the “Anti-Vehicle” weapon, as in after the miscreants flee, I’s stopping them cold with a couple of BIG ASSED 460 grain rounds… makes the old “.357 engine block killer” look pussified by my count…

And then, I have my basic M-4 (civilian version) mid-length gas tube (I’m big… carbine size ain’t good for me) to follow up…
point being, I realized in this “New Reality” that it’s much like the “Old World”… meaning “Keeps” and “Hard Points” will see the day through…
The realization is that I have three coils of concertina ready to deploy…
$39.99 on Ebayage, but but that was before the current shit…  Right now the same seller is selling them for $99.00 a roll.
Then, realizing things might be getting ‘sporty’, I added this:
Hard to see to a point (I took the pic at night) but I added a mid-point mag holder of 6 mags onto the mid-way point in my house.  As in if –someone- tries to kick in the reinforced door, Me and Sapper can fall back 10 meters to a hard point of cover (not going into specifics, but it works 180 degrees) and IF we have only our M-4’s to work with, on the wall are fully loaded and maxxed out 30 round magazines to play with.  Last three rounds of each being XM-865 64 grain tracer..  ALL my mags have that, with the exception of the primary mag…
That one is the “go the fuck away and leave me alone” mag.  I  loaded a 40 round MagPul 40 rounder with the first 20 rounds alternating 1 round XM855 full metal jacket standard, and a XM-865 tracer.  After the one-for-one mix, te last 20 rounds are pure tracer.

If THAT don’t put the ‘sceer in ’em’, nothin’ will.
Really fucked up tho… I was figuring on “The Jetsons”… not this shit.
Instead I have to worry about “broken hostile farm equipment run amok.”
How bad is this:  “But you see that they “admit” that there will still be “some situations” where they will need cops – those “some situations” that they’re talking about are white people trying to restore order by forming militias. They will leave a small group of cops to prevent whites from establishing order. Therefore, the purpose of the cops will be to enforce chaos, rather than order.
So to be clear: what they are actually talking about is not “abolishing the police.” What they are talking about is stopping the police from enforcing the law against drug addicts and black people. The cops will still very much exist.

What this does is allow blacks and drug addicts to terrorize white people on behalf of the state. That’s what we’re talking about here.”

Yeah… about right there.. and totally fucked up as that’s from the Daily Stormer… I check in on the neo-nazi website occasionally as it’s a ‘know what your enemy is up to.’  This particular quote caught my eye… in that if even the fuckin’ nazis are catching on, then shit is –completely- sideways….
More later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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    1. I wish I could find the meme I saw about a year ago…."Thanks to John Deere, black lives haven't mattered in about a century.".
      The libs need to be careful what they wish for, they just might get it.

  1. Same here. I have firearms, ammo in mags, on stripper clips, bandoliers, in ammo bras, and other party favors stashed in strategic locations throughout the house. All distance markers have been logged into the little black book up to 1/4 mile radius (about as much as a lot of trees will allow). And if they get really stupid, I have ways to draw them out into the swamp nearby. That's my playground.

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