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Afternoon me Drooges N Droogettes!

Been under ye Olde Rockpyle, dealing with a house fulla motherfuckas LOL.  In the past 48, I’ve had Spawn #1, his woman, Wifey’s Pregger Daughter (mom of Granbebe) and her hubby, Redneck, (dad of granbebe), and Sapper and meselves packed into what was once a spacious 4 bedroom McMansion with plenty o’room for us all, to include Stella-bella the Dog and Asshole, the cat formerly known as Bob-the-Manxcat ALL in residence simultaneously.
So forgive me if’n I’m juuust getting up to speed.
To whit: Garrett Foster, dumbass extraordinaire, now, current resident of ‘Plot Number ‘To-be-Announced’.
Seems Mister “They’re all pussies” found someone who wasn’t a pussy.  The story, by Mass Media, is barely being touched.

Seems the Late Un-Lamented Lame Ass Loser pointed his AK at someone who didn’t appreciate his peaceful assault with a deadly weapon, and Undid to Him Before He Could Be Done.   The stories have been varied, mostly Twitterfags spouting off about how he was cut down by a viscous Right Wing Car Driver…  the story methinks meselves is a bit more entangled than that.  Mainly because of this:

CNN last night, two different spellings of the Dead Doodz name, and –nada
“We know not of who you speak, this man?  What did you say his name was?”
I tried two different spellings, as deceased soy-latte taking el dirt nappy might have spelled it in various “Hy/Hys/Hym” fashion.  Personally, I like the “was/were” appellation.  Even Faux News is burying it…
And reading the story on Faux, they make it sound like the car raced up, the driver jumped out, did a mag dump into the ‘poor innocent victim’ and hauled ass.  The photos show a bit different story, and that is of Dead Dumbfuck Pointing his rifle right at the windscreen in this pic, and matches the story telling the lead up to the gunplay:

Now, having heard the video of the shoot, and me being an expert, and yeah, I’m fucking expert at this shit, the first five rounds lit off are absolutely an AK-47 in 7.62x39mm…
Having been in urban firefights, as Gunny Highway sez “It has a very distinctive sound when fired at you.”   Those first 5 rounds are undoubtedly AK fire, and the resulting pops after were, what I believe to be either a 9mm or .40 Smith doing the “X” ring at 10 meters.  That earns the newest addition to The Intrepid Reporter’s Blog:
Yep.  Kudos for bangin’ out three rounds, no collateral damage, and one Dead Dumbfuck Dead Right There.  Way to clean up the gene pool dude!  You go!
Notice that the story has -vanished-.
Notice that what little media coverage has been referring to the AK as ‘a rifle.’

Fuck off, and die in a fire media.  Yer next.
So, anyways… gotta love it.  Unemployment told me to LOLGF… guess the whole job thing is fucked.  They’re ‘researching’ the issue…  
And I got the HOA up my ass, ($1500.00 lien on the Casa) and the bank -still- hasn’t unfucked things with my accounts… shit keeps getting kicked back for some reason, even the shit I re-assigned to the new account… time to tell BOA to suck a dick and hiccup methinks.
I’m unfortunately also in the hole as I was told I’d have a down payment for a Smaller Flammenwurfer, and I haven’t heard anything, so Looks like I’m eating that til someone wants to buy one… >le sigh<…  
Note to y’all:  NEVER start the work til the down payment is IN HAND.
At least the Wifey has been busy, so I got that going for me.  The power bill, they fitted us with a “Smart Meter” a few ago, like 6-8 weeks ago, and today I got an eye-bugging fucking $531.68 power bill.  Along with a “there was an error in your bill, our bad, but fuck you, you owe us!”  
Between them and the HOA I don’t even give two fucks, a shit or even a nano-fuck anymore.  I just laugh out loud… of course it’s a ‘everyone starts edging away from Big Country’ insane-cackle…  fuck it… Sapper ordered up some morale patches, so when and if I decide it’s time to play, our battle rattle’ll be pimped out.  
So, Off to the Uber Mode again.  Always interesting.. have to see what comes up.
So, til then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Pretty sure that last one didn't work
    So I'll try again.
    I feel for you.
    Take a break.
    Come out to Chez rightwingterrorist.
    N.E. Texas.
    I can set you up with a buddy half way in LA (maybe)
    Dealing with a bunch of the same things that I am.
    Here is half way fun.
    Gunfire, explosions, and mayhem is encouraged as I have the land.
    Set you and the wifey up, no problem.
    You are invited.
    Stress release.


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