Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Far as I’m concerned, it’s Officially “Game On” from here on out.
Seems that it’s now apparent in the Hallowed Halls our Lords and Betters are completely unhinged. 
Fucking Full Stop, Strong Message(s) Follows.
First, Over the weekend, the National Guard came under fire from a drive by.  No serious hits, BUT:

Minor injuries.  Spalling from the glass from the description of the wound.However, thats a penetrating shot which raises ALL sorts of questions.  Just what in the hell are the Gangbangers using?  The size of the hole, it’s not really possible to gauge the caliber, but the fact is, is that it DID penetrate.  From the layout of the hood, the truck looks like a M998 variant, probably NOT uparmored. 

Well actually, you can tell it ain’t armored, as the glass got punched through.  Also, the woodland camo scheme sez it’s never been deployed.  The glass thickness is ‘standard ballistic glass’ on a standard HMMWV.  Still, -whatever- they threw at the NG Kids had enough ass to compromise the ‘ballistic glass”.  Which means, and this’s speaking from experience, it’s an older, non-upgraded truck, that’s probably spent it’s life in the Guard Motor Hole, and the UV of the sun degraded the glass to the point where -something- was able to punch through.

That and what the hell was going on when the gangbangers did their shit?  These kids in the NG… must not be one combat vet among ’em.  No one shot back, no one caught them, and they got away clean, which means there’s going to be a lot more instances of this shit,, except if the Gangbangers decide they want to snatch some DotMil firepower… It’s obvious that the Rules of Engagement are fucked to the max. 

I mean there ain’t no way that I personally would be standing around being a wannabe target in the Hood for feral niggers.  Hell, I’ve said it before, back during the 22 months of Reserve Time at Fort Devens, on the weekend warrior program, I always had at least one full up 30 round mag with civilian .223 ready to go on the off chance that Tyrone and Rufus would be crawling around the cantonment area looking to hijack some Guard or Reserve Rifles.  Happened enough that the chain of command turned a blind eye to it.

So, now it’s open season IMO.

If I were a Guardsman, I’d be quitting right here, right now.  Hell, if I was the CO, I’d be telling the State Adjutant General, “Change the R.O.E. or find another sucker to patrol you fat fuck.  Do it your damned self.”  Fuck that shit.  No boolits?  No ability to return fire?  Jail if you do?  Fuck that.  Bag that and go home.

And then, in The District of Criminals, where we still have 5000 fucking troops garrisoning the town, seems that Blac Block went ape this weekend.  BLM and BB went after a gorgeous fountain in Dupont Circle was attacked and defaced.  Fucking assholes. They threw molotovs and defaced it with their usual fucking commie slogans.

Not one. single. cop. or. guardsman. even tried to stop them.
How in the fuck does that work?

It was on orders from on High

I keep telling myself that “things can’t be that fucked up”
My own personal cognitive dissonance Aye?
But apparently they are
I mean just how in the hell does Queen Maxine “Looks Like an Skunk-Ape” Waters get away with z.e.r.o. consequences for literally going to Minneapolis, riling up the crowd (incite many riots you cunt?) and then our National Guard folks get shot at on American Soil????

We are rapidly devolving into Iraq, the Sudan, Rwanda… you name it, we’re sliding down that route.  Until one of these Court Jesters and/or, preferably “and” gets their noggin blown open, and what little cranial matter gets thrown on a wall in a Jackson Pollack-esque decorative manner, then this shit will keep happening.

It’s a zero-sum game
As long as We the People allow these spoiled brats to get away with this shit, with no consequences, and no jail time, nevermind the ultimate punishment then they’ll keep on keepin’ on as Joe Dirt would say.

This week, things just might change though.  But that’s part of the Problem.  April 19th is a loaded day.
Start of the Revolutionary War, with the First Shots at Lexington, 1775
First Blood of the Civil War, 1861, in Boston of all places
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943, took ’em long enough Aye?
Waco, 1993, when the DotGov thought it was cool to immolate kids
OK City with Timmy McVeigh, 1995, ‘supposed’ payback for Waco (it wasn’t)

And so on.
Add on that Hitler’s Birthday is April 20th, and it’s a shitshow of historical crossroading all week long.

Any bets that if anything happens to the “Poor Sweet Lil Protesters” it’s gonna go very very very badly for them…  People are fucking sick and tired.  The more you push, the harder you push, it’s going to be very sudden and very violent and there’s no stopping it once it does go all “Wild Wild West”… No idea what that trigger will be, but man, It’s Coming Soon
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Good points all! One problem is blmantifa -so far- has only struck at areas where either no one lives, or areas full of hood rats. When possible, we the people, supporters of the guard, should surreptitiously get involved. Observe and report! Identify, track, and teach what for, to the blmatifa insurrectionists! Prepare plans to assist, when directed, in the apprehension of communist democrat politicians!

  2. Watch Arizona the next 2 weeks. The election audit kicks off Thursday. Ballots moved to the recount place Wednesday.

    1. I have seen Three Governors impeached here in Arizona. In Arizona if it’s not dirty politics, then it’s not Arizona politics. There will be no blow up out here over anything that comes out.

  3. WE have a LOT of RUSSIAN MILITARY HERE IN COLORADO…I see them all the time at WALMART,their easy to spot,the police gangs are with them to protect them from us,BUT they hate the police gangs who killed 20,000 russian adopted children at the KING RANCH in the springs,IF your not afraid ,walk up to them and talk to them,they love to brag,and they talk like the have already taken control of america,YOU guys might be surprised at what they’ll tell you,I spent an Hour talking to a russian army Captain last summer,HE was in full Russian uniform,east to spot…WE have a LOT of CHINESE military here to,they love to brag also,walk up to them and talk to them,they speak perfect english…

    1. Looks like Dave Hodges was on to something. I always thought he had gone off his meds when he started ranting on his site about Russians and Chinamen in Amerika. Looks like my uniform will be my skin color. But, I have not seen this here in Winterfell(North ID).

      1. Dweez,
        heard the same thing 20+ yrs ago here about Yellowstone NP. Folks claimed they were seeing trainloads of white UN and Russian armored vehicles going into YellowstoneNP and to the best of my knowledge, the train tracks don’t go there anymore. I’ve never seen anything either, or on GoogleEarth when plotting another backpacking trip, but there are a lot of hidden roads there too. I am aware that YNP is a shared US/ UN cultural site, they own 50% of the park since the 1960’s, you can look that one up.
        An old Marine buddy said the same thing about Camp Lejeune NC too. Another great American myth that keeps on giving.

    2. So why are they there ? What are they bragging about ? Have they brought hardware ? Photos and video or I call bullshit.
      There is enough misinformation as there is. It’s bad enough working to get clean intel.

  4. ONE last thing,YOU’VE BEEN STABED IN THE BACK BY YOUR OWN MILITARY,POLICE GANGS AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,..AS I understand it there are hundreds of FOREIGN military bases in america RIGHT NOW,we have FIVE CHINESE bases in colorado,THERE is a CANADIAN BASE of at least TWO HUNDRED troops in bristol ,TENN..a base of TWO hundred or more Russians in SEDONA ,ARIZONA,we have a Russian base of 175 or more in the TRINIDAD area of the rocky mountains,There are over a thousand GERMANS at the air force base in ALMAGORTO ,New Mexico,AND the list is a long one,way over TWENTY MILLION,or more in the USA,and the US MILITARY,NATIONAL GUARD,AND YOUR HERO’S THE POLICE GANGS,NOT to mention the federal agencies who are with them ALSO..their all in this together,AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA..THOMAS JEFFERSON WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN,you didn’t listen,YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE A BLOODBATH beyond your wildest imagination,and YOU have not opened your eyes yet…WHEN “OBAMA GIVES THE ORDER TO ATTACK”..they’ll be on us like stink on shit…..

  5. DC rules; ROE: you cannot load your 1 mag, if you have it (often unarmed) without a direct order from the CG (name unknown). You are there only (for show) and to backup the police as directed by them. You are only allowed to shoot to defend life. Not property. You have no arrest powers, you are not to act to stop crime, the police do that.

    Moreover JAG has never before hammered home so hard you’ll be sold out (have multiple overseas deployments).

    Don’t know about MN but it can hardly be better.

    Combat vets are staying out of this mess, basically saying NO. Combat vets know the score. JAG means it when they say you’ll be “investigated” (read- sold out).

    I’ll muster a year for Drill, I’ll muster for the Republic if the unlikely miracle occurs, but fsk the rest. Didn’t swear to this nonsense.

    But that’s the deal. Ain’t nobody gonna risk nothing- and why?

    Let Maxine and BLM fortify “their democracy “.

  6. My father was born in 1921 in Konigsberg, East Prussia. The Freikorps was fighting the Bolsheviks in the streets and they weren’t fucking around, acting as bullet magnets.
    There is something seriously wrong with white culture today, they’ve had their nuts and backbone removed by too much (((brainwashing))).

  7. just curious, is the next phase of this communist takeover going to be the deliberate exfiltration of military hardware to BLM and antifa?

    1. Like other countries around the world there will be conveniently place conex boxes with all kinds of toys and drugs for the ferel hood rats. Someone will give them the location and keys when their ready.
      Notice how in other locales the rats end up with matching white Toyotas with the big guns and neverending supplies of ammo and RPGs?
      Guarandamtee you they have alredy been placed here.

    2. Is it possible for FreeFor and copacetic assets to intercept and requisition said hardware before they’re acquired by the Niggas with Attitude?

  8. I left the same comment on the other site.
    I live in a rural recreation area. Lake, bike trails, hiking etc.

    Rare to see a fella out here. I believe I’ve encountered all of one in the last 8/9 years.

    Today while out doing my PT I came across what I believe was a BLM/Antifa recon element. They are mostly North of here in Portland and Eugene, but have been making noises about moving out into the rural areas.

    Looks like it might be Game On.

    Weapons are cleaned and oiled, fresh batteries where needed, spare mags on my plate carrier. Could really use a Battle Buddy right about now.

    1. I’m in a small town of 1k in Wyoming, saw some folks last summer that struck me the same way. Total SF hippy wannabes (I’m from that era), beards and really loud clothes with sandals, hanging out at our local coffee shop for several days, and standing around with cell phones in hand constantly. I’m used to seeing it from the college kids and in Jackson Hole but it was completely out of place here. I’m a people watcher and notice that which is abbynormal. This was like a recon element (of which I used to be) and I still can’t figure out what such a small place as ours is on their map for?

          1. Interesting!

            I roast my own, but when I’m not drinking home brew the new pursefuni is my jam.

      1. The map is not the terrain.

        This is more evidence that Antifa/BLM are funding, training, and planning for a large-scale push into rural areas. Appears they want to foment a conflict and maybe a shootout so they can parade out their casualties. That would be the justification to arm their troops.
        Uniforms, rank, and badges, basic kit, and commie zeal.
        If they follow the German model then the defund the police campaign makes sense. They want to be the police.
        The populations of Portland and Eugene will go along. The rest of the state, not so much.

    2. Do you have a location?
      I trail hike a lot around North Ga. Not seen similar, but haven’t been out in a couple of months.

  9. Who fucking cares anyway. It’s not like anything is going to change until it does. Not a thing anyone can or will do about it. I got off the doom train after the election and our harvest was ready. Went back to making money and ignoring the bullshit. We are doubling the outdoor crop this year and next year it will be a new building to double the indoor crop. Let the whole motherfucker burn or build itself back up. IDGAF about any of it anymore.

    Happy 420 everyone. Remember sharing is caring.

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