Wowsers! Now THAT was a Spicy Meetz-a-ball!

Early Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Been a fun filled day sans fuckery again, so I’m counting meselves lucky.  To all y’all who comment, I greatly appreciate it and have to explain meselves a bit.  Since Blogspot changed it’s production side of Ye Olde Bloggy of Ill Repute, I, for whatever-the-fuck excuse/reason can’t reply to my own fucking blog.  
In order for me to reply in the comments, I have to Open Internet Exploder (latest version) and -then- act as if I was a complete fucking stranger to the danger mode and do the Captcha… (rot in hell whoever the fuck came up with that particular abomination).  Honestly, too much of a bite-in-the-nutsack… that Being said ALL comments, insults, queries and inquires are appreciated and if’n y’all –really– need me, theintrepidreporter2019@gmail is operational.
Sooooo Onward:

Beirut:  GOD DAMN PEOPLE!!!!!

I got really good frens that I worked with in Iraq who’re from Lebanon.  One of ’em, “Speedy” (major coffee fiend… not meth LOL) his fam was caught int he blast, but are ok Allah Be Praised, and I’m not being a bullshitter… he’s one of the few ‘good’ Anti-Muj who used to give me intel when and where us, as in US guy would be hit… great guy… my brother from another mother, and thankfully ‘our’ fam is ok… but Hooooooo-leeeeeee Shhhhhhhhhhhh-eeeeeeeeeee-iiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Heard from one source ‘Crystal Palace’ in Cheyenne registered it, along with their counterpart at Rocket Command, Voyska PVO. As soon as it blew, within 2 minutes the ‘stand to’ was called and everyone started talking toute-le-fuckin-suite.  Took ’em only a few minutes to realize it was a fuck up….
Granted, a fuck up of MASSIVE proportions, to whit I thought / made this to explain:
Yeah, I got a couple drinks in me already.
I always do this when I drink… especially when there’s new comic potential…
“Go Dank or Go Home”.
So far I’ve had over 300 likes/loves/lol’d on Fuckbook on my various boards for it, and this:
Between the two, I think I nailed it.  The one that I personally didn’t think ‘cut the mustard’ was this one:
Meh… First time out the gate… been used too many times the whole “Who had____blank_____ for August?”  I mean… for me? just too easy… wounded prey and all that rot Aye?
So yeah.  Good news following as well… for whatever reason I was going to renew Ye Olde Costco Membershit as Wifey has done –quite– a few female nuggets n’ nails lately… that and she get the EBT which supplements some of the eatery that goes on ‘right’roud’hea…
Well, while re-locating my Costco Card, I found MY EBT from 3.5 years ago.  When I -first- got laid off, I applied b/c fuckitall.. Lord knows I’ve paid into the system, time to get a lil back amiright?
Uhhhhh…. yeah… I got approved… for an ENTIRE $12 bucks a month.

Seems being a Quote “Healthy Male” Unquote, I only am worthy of one McD’s Combo Meal, Large with extra fries and a Large Coke, once a month.
Meanwhile, Wifey, she get over two bills a month.
“Male Privilege…”
So, to wind it up… I found the EBT card… call in to check WTF was on it… and there must be a ‘glitch’ in the system… apparently they been payin’ the $12 a month for 3 1/2 years.
Had a Big Ole Balance.
Steak anyone?
Costco filled the Freezer, so I’m good for a loooooooooooong while now.
So, a GREAT day by my minuscule standards.  Good times, Good times.
Til later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Fuckin' GREAT meme and WOOO HOO!, something FINALLY went your way for once. I'm tellin' ya brother, me and you have the same kind of luck.
    If it weren't fer bad luck, we wouldn't have any.

    1. For you Phil, HELL yeah bro… been a fuckton of bullshit but much better now… now wherz the Vodkoo?

  2. It was definitely a big-bada-boom moment.

    Can't wait to find out what actually caused the first explosion which set off a ton of secondary explosions which caused the third explosion which cooked off the whole pot in an 'almost' nuke moment.

    As to EBT, onsa time, me and me wife were pulling in $800 a month, due to both of us being disabled at the time, and EBT for us was $42.00. Just medical bills per month cost us over $800.00.

    Now if we were on the other side of town, and a member of a more 'diverse' ethnic background? Well, we had offers of rent assist up to $1,000 a month, utilities assist up to $300.00 a month, all the health care and meds we could sell on the streets for pocket money, and an EBT of hugely amounts. Until they on the phone found out we was honky crackers from Hell, so, well, all that went away.

    On the other hand, when we were in trouble, it was some 'diversity' churches who helped us in a big way with food to help cover until we were square again. Less diverse churches? Old out-of-date cans and jasmine rice. Yech. Not even powdered milk or something edible. Jasmine (tastes like fabric softener) rice… blech.

    Glad you are stocked up and running a-okay.

  3. Still think it was Heballah work accident. Some muj was probably setting up an IED trigger right there in the munitions storage warehouse and did a big time domino effect. And if the story about 2700 TONS of Ammonium Nitrate also being in the warehouse, well, there ya go.

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