Ye Olde Bullet has Been Bit

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes

So thanks for the input yesterday… fuck me if’n I’m not burned the fuck out on Ye Olde Lady AKA the Mizzuz… I just gotta keep in mind she -does- put up with my psychotic ass… the last one did… to a point and that got expensive primarily that the old bitch positively –hated– guns… this one here enjoys shooting… that and hell:

She looks pretty damned good for 50 tho eh?

So yeah, I went tonight and started ANOTHER project…
I figger if’n I’m too busy, I won’t be fussin’ with the Ole Lady and then I also get the bennies of ramping up my kill-power here at the crib.

Soooo taking Me own advice-a-rero to heart, I’m rebuilding/constructamating ANOTHER Fuckin’ Flammenwerfer.

Why the fuck not?  I got disposable income (for now) and best spend it on weaponry.  Like the Glock… which is coming along rather nicely.
To whit:

 Fitted the slide and barrel to it…

Rock Slide Slide with Titanium Extractor… Dead sexy eh?
Still waiting on the lower trigger assembly… a Ghost Ultimate 3.5 pound pull rig that’ll be smooth as soft butter spread with a hot knife…
But wait! There’s More!!!

I went with a Threaded Rock Slide Barrel in case I want to add on any “barrel extensions” or muzzle brakes…  
If that doesn’t date me, nothin’ will….
So Then, besides the handgun, the Flammenwerfer, I’m also up to speed on the Savage Axis II mag.  This was because my piddly-assed 7.76X51 NATO rifle was a bare-bones $299.99 Walmart special… and that ain’t cutting it.  The mags for it are a 4 round with a 5th up-the-pipe special, and I wanted a bit more ‘throw’ numerically speaking.
So… after some research, I found out a basic G-3/H&K 91 mag has just about the same measurements.  So I ordered a surplus G-3 mag, and started hacking on it.
So you can see where I drew the line on it… sorry for the blur… Shakes the Clown over here I swear…
So then… After measuring it, and fucking it up a bit (2X cuts with the rotary cutter and then dremel-central to even it) I got this:
Taped temporarily until I bust either the MIG welder out or go with the brazing rod… not sure which I’ll use because aluminum on the Savage mag and steel on the G-3 Mag… and the gold on the G-3 Mag is the Ole Lady’s projects… she oversprayed her Gold paint when redecorating some frames or some such shit….  It’ll all come out in the end when I redo it and refinish after reassembly.  The next stage is using the jewelry saw to cut the locking frame bottom out to slide up and on to let the mag be able to lock into place… 
I either get it right, or I’m out $40 for another new Savage Mag… here’s to hoping right?
So… thats the tonight update.  More later as I go as I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I think you have the metals on your mags backwards. The Savage uses steel, and many of the G3 mags are aluminum.

    Pretty sure you won't mig aluminum and steel (well, you can, it just won't stand up to the recoil), and I think the same is true of brazing. But there are surplus steel G3 mags that should let you weld it to the Savage.

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