Yeah, Again with Editing?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaaaaaaaaaaan I am sooooo having to learn ALL the editing Software.  AND I’m pissed at meselves.  I don’t want to make loooooooooooooooong rambling vidyas.  However, as I write, so goes Ye Olde Vidya Channel.
So, we gots another one:
Which is:

Now? Dis fukking one?
OK… without too much reveal, I was dead the fuck right to keeping Wifey home today.  And no ‘Derq, we ain’t  at the pork-chop-gator-walkaboot…..


I AM keeping it in mind tho. 
Good Idea Bro…It’s what I love aboot you sick fucks.
Even a Good Church Going Lady like Large Marge give me something I can work with
And man, so is she (keeping said aforementioned Gator-Walk) in mind….  Think she went through 2-3 pairs of panty-shields when I got home, maybe even drawers ‘cos when –I– go on a rampage?  Yeah, it’s bad, but today?  I went all fartlike… silent, but deadly.  It’s when I get quiet… Sapper went in, blocked and locked his door, and told me he’d be on ‘standby’ with the shovel and quiklime.

God I purely love good subordinates.

Hard to find Great Minions these days Aye?

And if YooToob nukes it, IT IS on GAB:

Hope you enjoy.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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