Yeah They Forgot

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes

Not gonna get too deep in the weeds on this one.

That was one hairy day.

I was working in Boston and had just made it into work when the word spread about the first crash.  That was when everyone still thought it was a fuckup of epic proportions.
Then, Plane #2 burned in.
At that point I knew it was on with -someone-…  Didn’t know who but someone was gonna get an asskicking.  And now? 19 years later and over 2500 added mosques in the U.S., a fuckton of Jihadis running around the country, and the very fact we didn’t drop bombs on Saudi?  That we went after a bunch of Farmers who time after time after time have kicked the shit out of every. single. empire. that came at them?  That it’s been proven that the entire thing was an Op?  That I lost my mind, my 1st marriage, and a goodly amout of my well being over there for what exactly?  To allowing American hating Congresscritters who are fucking Islamics getting elected?  Who’s running this donkey show?  Hell, a Tijuana Donkey Show has more class that the FUSA does right now…
We forgot.
Damned Shame.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. We have been lied to and our patriotism misused. That day was the beginning of the mind fuck nightmare we find ourselves in today. This shit is not going to end well, but so what. Fuck em anyway. Once more into the breach, indeed.

  2. I was at Eagle Base in Tuzla when they pulled all the Apaches down to the Gulf, back in the summer of '02.

    I was on hour 48 of a 72 hour smoker FTX when we stumbled into grunts set up for Expert Infantry lanes on East Range of Schofield, and they showed my squad leader their TV, hour 6 of the broadcast by that point.

    7 hours later, the CG finally figured out half his 12Bs were still out training, because our CO was a retard, and it took us 6 hours to get back on post.

    So goes the fun times in the Army.

    At least when I was recalled the Doc said I was too broke to play Cowboys and Indians in the Sandbox.

    I guess I'll get my two-way range experience in the front yard.

    1. i was at comanche base late summer of 02. we were supposed to fly in to eagle on sept 11th from dix. we saw it play out on tv at the airport. we must have been your relief, lol.

  3. Minor quibble.

    "That we went after a bunch of Farmers who time after time after time have kicked the shit out of every. single. empire."

    IIRC the Mongols didn't have too much trouble. Only we don't have the will to completely empty a city of every living thing and dismantle every structure to its foundations. Soviets would have stamped them out had we not dumped a billion dollars of material into their hands. I still say the solution is measured in megatons.

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