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Tonight’s MASSIVE PhonyBalony DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numbers are as Follows:
February 17, 2020 @ 20:30 hours…
Infected: 73314
Dead/KIA’d: 1872
Jesus… they still can’t stop lying.

Yep… According to Barrons, the numbers are, as I’ve maintained COMPLETE bullshit.  LINK HERE  For those of you who TL:DR, it’s pretty much a summary of the fact that it’s literally impossible to have the statistical exactness of a daily growth percentage. I.E. ain’t no way no how could these numbers grow that fuckin perfect daily. “A statistical analysis of China’s coronavirus casualty data shows a near-perfect prediction model that data analysts say isn’t likely to naturally occur, casting doubt over the reliability of the numbers being reported to the World Health Organization.”



(If’n ya steal this, at least Attribute it to me, I made it LOL)
Then on top of this level of dumbasshattery, The Cretinous Retard Brigade, AKA the Social Justice Warriors, have Started Speaking up:

Oh Holy Fucking Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick…
People like that -twatfest- above should be banned from any and all treatment in the off chance that she or her ilk get infected.  Hell, lock her with her uninfected relatives in a building, with NO medical supplies, treatment, and/or assistance, outside of her fellow SJW Buddies…

I’d give her a week before she dies of dehydration, hunger or is murdered by her family for being such an insufferable infected twatwaffle.  I know -I’d- shoot her if I were related to her… eliminate the possibility of her breeding, further polluting the gene pool…  the last thing we need on this planet is MOR STOOPID PEE-PULLZ. of which she is a strong representative that thereof…

I mean really?  THIS is your concern?  That we might be making critical decisions based on a known, quantifiable, identifiable factor which just so happens to include RACE?

Gawd…  motherfucking retards… too man y of them.  Just like how 98% of all identifiable Islamic Terrorism was committed, on average by Males of Arabic Extraction, between the ages of 18 to 30, who regularly attended Radical Islamic Mosques , and yet the T.S.A. routinely gropes 84 year old Caucasian women-in-wheelchairs so as to not be perceived as racist.

One time, I was on a flight home, and I was watching one particular dude in Schipool Airport in the Netherlands…  dude was a full blown Haj with a soupcatcher dyed red (a sign of a hardcore true-believer) and was decked in the usual Male Haj-dress.  He caught me eyeballing him, and came over to ask me what my issue was… Told him flat-the-fuck out that I wasn’t sure if he was a tango or not…
Surprisingly, Dude wasn’t offended.  In fact, (he spoke really good English) that he was a Mullah from Detroit, and found it refreshing that an American like myself was so absolutely up-front with him.  Guy ended up being my seat-mate (we rearranged it) so we could talk on the flight back to Detroit where his Mosque was…   really nice guy.  Actually a bit on the moderate side all things considered.  One of the things he said as a naturalized US Citizen was his amazement that the Dot-Gov was more worried about offending people than of getting people killed.  Said the Israelis do it right, not that he was any big fan of the (((Jews))) LOL.

Profiling is an absolute necessity to keeping quarantines in place… I mean if 99% (which it is now) of ALL infected are Chinese, then its the intelligent thing to stop Chinese people from coming into a ‘clean’ zone!!!!

I no longer even am surprised.  Morons like that ARE going to get us killed.  And, IF by some minor miracle, after the smoke is cleared, the bodies buried, and our shit starts rebuilding, and bearing in mind IF I survive, I can -promise- with ab-so-loot certainty that if I –ever- hear someone going “SJW” in the aftermath, I’ll put a bullet through their brain-pan, with a quickness, no questions asked.

After all, whats one more dead retard at that point amiright?

In other news, apparently “Coonman” in Virginia got the message.  Well, at least -some- of the quote-unquote “Representatives” got the idea that the AWB was a bad thing to vote for.  It was narrowly defeated, but I’m sure they haven’t stopped the idea that they’ll eventually push it through.  Meh.  Let them.  Long run, no-one is going to obey a fucked up unconstitutional law.  Passive Noncompliance.  And when and if they start pushing violent compliance?

Rodgers Rangers
The Swamp Fox
Quantrill’s Raiders
Hit and Run.
No way, no how, just short of carpet bombing the A.O. are they going to win… and that ain’t playing to the “Hearts and Minds” thing…  Plus, the micro-cephalic (((morons))) who are pushing this seem to have forgotten they know where you and your families live.  And if you think in a 4th/5th Gen Guerrilla War you families aren’t going to be -primary targets- you got another thing coming, ya fucking (((dumbasses))).

Annnnnnnd lo and behold!!!
Carnival Diamond Princess. 3700 People to start. One dude infected. Left the Boat. Then the following happened…dates and times are accurate up til now:
February 4th: 10 Infected initially from the Patient Zero (who’s Dead now BTW)
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected

(At this point it was averaging 24 people infected per day)

February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)
February 16th: 70 more motherfuckers hit overnight…
February 17th: 99 MORE people found as they were getting ready to Evac a bunch of people…

Total as of now, 474 out of 3700, with ONLY 1209 tested.  37% casualties AS OF NOW.
Now, dividing the 3700 up, 1209 is 32% of people on the ship.

No matter what, it’s a 30-40% infection rate IRL.

No -wonder- they’re desperate to separate out and unass a bunch of people.  The Diamond Princess AKA The Love Boat as I call it is –the premier way to correlate real time infection/mortality rates.-
Mark my words… the reason we’re seeing a HUGE increase is it’s been essentially 13 days since the initial 10 were found to be sick… the rest?  Got me a hunch IF they allow the numbers to keep being publicly tracked, we’d have a better idea as to how this bug actually works.
But since they’ve been lying non fuckin stop to keep the economy of the planet running, they ain’t about to stop.
Go figure.
Power, Money, Lawyers and Guns.  Thats what they got.  And control of the narrative.  I half expect them to kick in my door if this was China.  Right now, I can’t even get other bloggers to acknowledge my research… granted it’s impossible to prove, but a LOT of other guys who are tracking this have been using a LOT of -my- stuff… the info IS publically available, but sometimes a phrase, term or style of writing catches my eye… “Hey that sounds a lot like my shit!” is how I see it… 
OH well… laboring in anonymity I suppose is better than being ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’.  
Til Later, comments wanted, appreciated and enjoyed.  More later… I Remain The Intrepid Unappreciated Reporter
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  1. Thank you B.C. for all the hard work on "Corona Chan". I have recently found your blog and am a daily reader. You have done the homework, and I have shared your info with friends and family. Please continue, my friend!!!

  2. Well, even if you're not getting mentioned when someone else quotes numbers, and you recognize what looks like yours, there's a small satisfaction in that, I suppose. Although intellectual property does have some restrictions on it, last time I checked.

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